Your Earliest Memory

Your Earliest Memory

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This is a discussion on Your Earliest Memory within the General Psychology forums, part of the Topics of Interest category; I'm curious as to whats the earliest thing you can remember and what was it. My earliest memory, believe it ...

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    Your Earliest Memory

    I'm curious as to whats the earliest thing you can remember and what was it.

    My earliest memory, believe it or not, is from my first birthday. I can remember the scene, my old house, balloons, streamers, sitting in highchair, and wondering who are all these people. It was one of the only times a lot my family aunts, uncles grandparents, etc. really showed up. I was wondering what the big deal was, and maybe if memory has failed, I think was wondering why such a fuss was being made over me. I even talked to my mom about it, and asked when the last time all those people where there and described the situation and she confirmed it as my first birthday. Which, in the big picture of things isn't that old, only happened in 91', lol

    So what's your earliest/oldest memory?
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    I believe I was three and a half in this memory, but I can't really remember my age that well.

    But anyways. My earliest memory is me sitting at the table trying to convince my dad that I really couldn't chew the meat that was for dinner and it wasn't just me not wanting to eat it. That didn't work out so well.

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    I have a few that I'm not sure which was first... ..the most prominent would be the time my mum answered a phone call and I went up to her and scared the utter crap out of her with a rubbery toy octopus much to my delight. I would of been around three and a half as well. Many years later she told me that she threw it out later that day.. a part of me kinda figured that out though.
    Another memory is more a recurring dream that I had early, first several years mostly. It was an image of a grey swirling tunnel that was very chaotic and filled me with feelings of discomfort and anxiety. I never thought much of it until I read a book about repressed memories and the sub-conscious mind. The book explained that our minds can remember as far back as in the womb it's just for some reason we don't access those memories, but they are there in our sub-conscious mind. Not that I draw a parallel between those.. it's just perhaps a coincidence worth mentioning.
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    The oldest memory I have was of my mother vaccuuming in this brown apartment with mirrors on the walls. It a very brief memory, almost like a snapshot. My mom says that the only place they lived that sounded like that was the place we lived in before I was a year old and there is no way I could remember lol

    I also remember a dream from when I was like 5 (strangely enough). It was my dad in a straw field (this was humorous since my dad is an accountant) and I was walking down these stairs that were in the middle of the filed and crying. It's funny to remember my dad in overalls, but I remember the dream being very sad.
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    Being in the hospital with pneumonia and measles at three. The prognosis for me wasn’t very good, but here I am just the same. I have several memories of that, one of the asshole kid who was in the same room with me during recovery, screaming for my mother, and some hazy halucinations. I remember that everything I touched seemed huge. Like a needle would feel the size of a spool of thread.
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    My earliest memory is me as a baby. I am sitting in one of those baby chairs at the table eating something. My mom is serving coffee and she's wearing a yellow cooking apron with little blue prints on it. She has a tea kettle in her hand that has hot water in it and is going around my chair to serve it to someone on the other side of the table. What she hasn't realized is that part of her apron has caught itself in of the corner of my chair, so she keeps walking until it pulls her back abruptly. The tea kettle goes flying back dumping hot water all over me. I don't remember pain, but I do remember being very scared. I remember my mom and dad panicking and running to get me out of the chair and taking my shirt off. It must've not have been that bad though because I don't have any scars from it(thankfully) except for a tiny one in the corner of my left hand that only I can tell it's there because it's very faint.
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    My earliest memory was when I was around 1-2 years old. All I recall is that I put some type of box over my head, walked around blindly, and laughed like a lunatic. I also remember that it was a cake box because I distinctly remember the scent. It's a weird memory but that's mine.
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    I am so envious of people who can remember things when they were that young. I mean, I can look at pictures of myself at those ages and want to believe that I can see it in my head, playing like a movie. But, I can't, there's nothing there. I suffered a trauma at the age of 6 and I blocked the memory of that out along with what seems all the previous ones.

    I have one strong memory from first grade, though. I got glasses that year. I don't know if this memory is before I got them or if I had them and I just didn't want to wear them. I'm sitting in class, upset because I can't see the chalkboard. I can't see the paper right in front of me.
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    Mine was of me giving myself my first hair cut, when I was 2...and with kid scissors. Needless to say, it didn't turn out too fantastic. :P
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    My earliest memory from about age 3 and a half, was watching a family member draw a five-pointed star in one stroke without having to pick up the pencil. I was amazed that something so complicated-looking could be drawn in one stroke, and I spent a while trying to draw the star, but I kept messing up and resulting in random blocky squiggles instead of a star.
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