Sequels to dreams

Sequels to dreams

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This is a discussion on Sequels to dreams within the General Psychology forums, part of the Topics of Interest category; I had a very clear & real-like dream in which I looked at my photos with old college friends in ...

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    Sequels to dreams

    I had a very clear & real-like dream in which I looked at my photos with old college friends in a beautiful snowy mountain, and (in dream) I knew I was there some time ago. When I woke up, I immediately remembered another dream that I had some months ago. In this dream I was with those friends in a snowy mountain.
    I had a weird but pleasant feeling when I found that.
    There are repetitive elements in my dreams once a while (same neighborhood, same streets, same mountain- the one in mentioned dreams) that I haven`t visited in real life. However the sequel was very much
    Did you have such an experience? Is there any explanation for it?

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    I have had a similar experience but not on waking up. Often in dreams I'll remember other dreams as if the current dream is just another chapter in the same plot. It's weird because when I wake up I don't really remember if he other dream did happen but have a vague feeling it did. It's kind of like my dream self has dream memories only accessible whilst dreaming.


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