Earliest Memory, post yours!

Earliest Memory, post yours!

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This is a discussion on Earliest Memory, post yours! within the General Psychology forums, part of the Topics of Interest category; What is your earliest memory? Mine is of my first birthday, I can recall sitting in my high-chair with party ...

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    Earliest Memory, post yours!

    What is your earliest memory?

    Mine is of my first birthday, I can recall sitting in my high-chair with party decorations hanging from the ceiling, a cake and all my aunts and uncles, grandparents gathered around me. I remember not knowing who those people were and wondering to myself why they were there and making such a fuss over me when I didn't even know them. It felt strange. I found out/confirmed the date for sure after asking my mom about the people their and the party.

    I've heard these first memories contain insight into the personality of the person, more so why have they preserved over all this time and through the mountains of experience we have gone through and have forgotten.

    So, let's hear them and perhaps discuss them.
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    sometimes i think the dreams i recall extend further back than actual real life moments i can bring up.

    i were probably around two or three and starring at my fingernails, pressing down on my nail and watching it change to a lighter shade of pink with increasing pressure. somewhere in the back of my mind i thought it meant that if i would ever been somewhere dark and simply press down on my nail that it would light up for a quick flashlight substitute. i tried it out sitting in a hallway of an old old house we used to live in, shaped like a T and closing all the doors leading into the passageway, sitting down in the dark and pressing down at varying levels of intensity hoping for some light to shine out of my nail. didn't happen. as dictates reality.

    the earliest dream i remember as kept with me since i were an infant and every now and then i think about it due to it's obscurity. a scene saturated with a deep light blue with characters lined up like football, with captain crunch like figure taking center position within the line who was wearing a sort of ancient divers suit, the kind that were bulky and made of some heavy metal. a whistle was blown and you hear the staple sound of football players clashing against each other where shortly after the dream ends. my dad watched a bunch of football so it makes sense that it would have filtered into my subconscious, but i don't really understand where captain crunch like figure comes in as i really didn't like the brand as a child much less even bother with taking notice to the box. kind of stupid in retrospect, but go figure.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Quin Sabe View Post
    What is your earliest memory?

    Mine is of my first birthday, I can recall sitting in my high-chair with party decorations hanging from the ceiling, a cake and all my aunts and uncles, grandparents gathered around me.
    It probably is not surprising that this too is my first memory. It makes sense, first time we would have seen such a commotion and as such, it is ingrained in our memories. Although, I don't recall decorations, just the happening yellow shirt and blue pants I was wearing.
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    Mine was at least of 3 years of age, but is vague and consists of some form of landscape and building.

    Now I struggle to remember things that don't greatly interest me, and tend to forget to perform minor daily tasks that I haven't forced into a routine. I am terrible at remembering names, street names, brands (when shopping for food), and many other items quite annoying and inconvenient to forget.

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    I was probly 1 at the time cause I was but I was being held in a restaraunt and the lady who worked there gave me a measuring tape to play with and let me keep it.

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    Eating a Carmel apple at a Fair.

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    My first memory I was either four or five. My dad kept a boat in our backyard and my grandma was watching me and a neighbor girl. She started to climb on the boat (or at least appeared to be touching it) so I ran from inside the house to tell her not to touch "my daddy's boat". Unfortunately the screen door was closed and I ran right through it knocking it off the track. I don't remember if it was fixable or not.

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    I remember lying in bed when I was about 7 and trying to figure out my earliest memory. I decided it was my mom cutting my toenails in the bathroom (when I was very young, like about 3 or 4) and yelling at me to hold still. She was so angry and it terrified me. Years later, I could hear her yelling in my mind about that when I tried to lie down to sleep. My mom was simply annoyed and short-tempered, but I felt like she was furious with me. Weird memory.

    There are also a couple that I'm unsure about. (Unsure of when they occurred chronologically and whether they are true or false memories.)

    I would have been no more than two years old (this is why I'm doubtful about it), but when I was younger, I had thought I remembered being held by my uncle at some sort of holiday party. I remembered my mom exclaiming that it would be funny if I peed on him (so I did.) I remember her telling me about that and I said that I remembered it. She told me that that was impossible, as I was too young.

    I also remember being inside a play pen with my sister and biting into a balloon and having it explode in my face. (And get yelled at.)

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    I don't know exact timeline, but these are a few:

    - A boy cutting the tip of his nose off with the safety scissors in preschool. It was really gross. We weren't allowed to use scissors the rest of the year.

    - Meeting my friend Kate for the first time when we were like 3. She was playing with the dollhouse at preschool and I asked if I could play too. We became fast friends.

    - Getting my finger slammed in my friend's door when we were running away from his older sister.

    - Playing with Colorforms with my best friend Chris. He had way better ones than I did. We also lived next-door to each other, so it was convenient.

    - Sticking a rock up my nose when I was two years old at a family picnic at a park. We had to to go the hospital. It was awful.

    - One particular tornado warning in which the tornado actually passed through my town and I just remember sitting in the toy closet in the basement with Chris (his family's house didn't have a basement so they came over) up on the top shelf and playing with Mr. Potato Head together.

    - Throwing a plastic teapot at my friend Olivia when she was over at my house and we were fighting.

    - A specific fight I had with my mom, when I was three years old and refused to clean my room. I was yelling, she was yelling; she picked me up and put me on my bed, then left and closed the door. I was supposed to go see Disney on Ice that night with Chris and his mom, but as a punishment I was not allowed to go. I just remember screaming and screaming and screaming.

    Those are all from when I was two or three. There are big things I don't remember from those years, though...like my brother being born.
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    One of my earliest memories was before age 2 around the same time I was able to speak my first word.

    It was of this old lady with huge frizzy hair. Her boobs were so big and she literally could've knocked me over with them.

    I remember being so cared of her because she would always scream at the kids in nursery school. I was placed at a low-budget one, and I remember she was always stressed.

    Children internalize these memories through somatic experiences (bodily sensations- consciously or subconsciously). I remember she threw away my stuffed elephant plush toy, because I was so scared of her I kept crying. She was scurry.

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