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Generation X hated by other generations???

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This is a discussion on Generation X hated by other generations??? within the Generation X Forum forums, part of the The Generations category; Originally Posted by CountZero My baby boomer parents (both now passed) grew up in the booming (though turbulent) 50s and ...

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    Generation Y

    Quote Originally Posted by CountZero View Post
    My baby boomer parents (both now passed) grew up in the booming (though turbulent) 50s and 60s. Granted they did have to live through the late 70s, but my father at least was able to get a foothold in better years.

    But I completely agree with your closing comment. Blaming someone for the generation they were born in is, well, illogical. But upon further reflection I think some millenials are frustrated by the way boomer politicians are clinging to power, and the ongoing political clout of that generation.
    It can statistically be proven that Baby Boomers as a Western Generation used up more of the Earth's resources per capita than any other generation of humans that lived on Earth in recorded history, including kings and aristocracy and evil lords with heads on sticks.

    Usually when people hate Baby Boomers they hate their shallow, entitled, self-absorbed narcissism and the way they DESTROYED OUR FUCKING PLANET AT WARP SPEED.

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    I wouldn't say gen X is hated as much as they're overlooked and from how history is playing out and has done so far, it seems like my own generation, gen Z is going to see the same fate. Seeing as how so many see us gen zers as "Silent Generation 2".

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    Generation Y

    Quote Originally Posted by vinniebob View Post
    WE DO?
    why was i not informed about this
    tbh i have no issue with any generation
    I have no idea either.. I have no hate for Gen X.
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    Gen X has its flaws but for the most part they are easily forgiven given their situation being between a rock and a hard place that the boomers created for them. The boomers in just the US alone easily aborted 20 or 30 million that would have been gen x.


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    I think it's the other way around. Why are Millennials hated by other Generations?
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    Generation X

    You're all missing the point:

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