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So, how are you handling midlife?

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This is a discussion on So, how are you handling midlife? within the Generation X Forum forums, part of the The Generations category; Originally Posted by TranquilMindGun Where the fuck is the off button?! I can't. I can't. I feel I've done a ...

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    Quote Originally Posted by TranquilMindGun View Post
    Where the fuck is the off button?!

    I can't. I can't. I feel I've done a marathon some days and my body hasn't moved anywhere but from the bed to the toilet. I can barely keep up with my lips...wait...stop, or rather my lips can't keep up with my brain and I end up sounding like mushmouth from fat albert.

    I'd like to say i'm productive as yourself, however in being overwhelmed by my own thoughts, I never seem to get much accomplished. I need lists. Life is more orderly with a list, for me. But then I can't stand those self appointed rules. "Here, this list will help you get shit done." "Fuck you, we don't need no stinking list, lists are for suckers!" See...my dilemma? I can certainly go fuck myself.

    Rules are definitely over rated.
    I forgot to make a list.
    Therefore, I am listless.
    (this is where I tell myself to shut up)
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    Generation X

    Quote Originally Posted by Little Drummer Gnome View Post
    My older sister was a super workaholic. She worked nonstop... morning, noon, and night. I remember being horrified. My parents said that it was good that she worked so much because she was well paid. I never could figure out where she found the time to enjoy that money. One time, she called on the phone and she just ordered me to put dad on the phone. I said, "Hi, how are you doing? What's new?" She said that she was too busy to talk to me. She didn't sound like a happy person.

    I never wanted to be a workaholic because... short attention span. As an adult, I was diagnosed with a collection of sensory issues, learning disabilities, and ADHD. All of that makes life challenging but interesting at the same time.

    Thinking is definitely over rated, but I'm an ESFP... so... lol.
    Have a great day! Thank you for chatting with me, and here's another dancing veggie:
    We definitely see eye to eye on things.

    Sorry if my initial exuberance is a bit flashy... but dammit, I like you:

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    Quote Originally Posted by TranquilMindGun View Post
    We definitely see eye to eye on things.

    Sorry if my initial exuberance is a bit flashy... but dammit, I like you:

    Oh my gosh!!! I really like you, too!!!
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    @Penny , that sounds great. Do you mean an online meet-up group? Or something in person? The in person challenge I have right now is that I'm in Tokyo. In my previous location (DC) it would be easy. My wife works on a military base here. Perhaps I could set something up there. Thanks for the suggestion!

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    @BMill Oh yeah, sorry, forgot for a minute that you are in Tokyo. A group for Gen X-ers to explore what they want to do with the rest of their lives sounds fun. I personally think the whole slacker label might have some truth to it, but then there's like a whole lot of untapped potential there to tap into..
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    How am I handling mid life? Mostly I'm thoroughly enjoying it, I have a job, the work is tough, the hours are frequently long, but at least the pay sucks.......seriously though I love my job, my needs are simple, my obligations are few (finally), and I get pursue activities I prefer, and at long last I truly no longer give a crap what others think about who I am and what I do. So I guess I'm handling it pretty well.

    Concerns about the future.........few really specific ones, that things will go pear shaped is beyond doubt, what specific form will the falling hammer take, who can say, so many possibilities. No matter I survived the other hammers, and will continue to until I can't.

    My dreams are also few, I've already done so many things I never though I could, had many adventures, fallen in love, had a family, kids, raised them to adulthood pretty successfully, traveled extensively.
    I think I would like to go on tour with a band again, I do love building a show, and I'm also pursuing work on films. I do want at least one more grand, ridiculous, mind blowing adventure, I'm sure one will present itself. I'm pretty excited at the prospect.

    I am ready to lead, I have led, and will probably do so again, but the prospect has never really excited me, rather I see it as a distasteful obligation. I do enjoy teaching, which is I guess a form of leadership.
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    [QUOTE=Turlowe;42904005] I do want at least one more grand, ridiculous, mind blowing adventure, I'm sure one will present itself. I'm pretty excited at the prospect.

    I really love how you put this. In talking to Gen Xers, I've heard a variation of this a number of times. Typically, it's a vague sense of wanting adventure but without details on what it could/will be. But you seem to have a few really specific and very cool options! Film, very exciting. I've done a bit of that myself. Going on tour, producing a show. Great adventures all. And it also seems like you've made some excellent life choices that have you feeling pretty good about where you are at half-time. Thanks so much for your thoughtful response!

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    Great song! I have loved the Byrds since I was like 10, fantastic band.

    I would have to say my life choices have been a mixed bag, some good, some bad. I have adapted to life more than imposing my will upon it I think, and have changed much over the years, I would have never guessed that I'd have taken the path I have or become who I've become. I find that I like myself and my life more and more though, so on the whole I think I did pretty well.

    What did you do in film? It's been a passing interest of mine as far as I can remember which has slowly intensified over the years.
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    I can totally identify with the mixed bag. But even the so-called "mistakes" gave me some pretty cool experiences.

    I started out on the back end of film, the distribution side. My wife and I started a film festival, shifted a bit into distribution and then doubled back and started producing. Mostly in the documentary space. It is a very satisfying experience, and certainly has a "ridiculous, mind-blowing" quality to it. If you have a story to tell, and can acquire the money, what better way to create something valuable? When you say you are pursuing work in films, in what capacity?

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