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Aging in your 30's and 40's- how do you cope?

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This is a discussion on Aging in your 30's and 40's- how do you cope? within the Generation X Forum forums, part of the The Generations category; Originally Posted by screamofconscious Are you talking Atkins Diet or switching over to whole grains? Personally, Atkins fails me. I ...

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    Quote Originally Posted by screamofconscious View Post
    Are you talking Atkins Diet or switching over to whole grains? Personally, Atkins fails me. I don't have the willpower to cut all the grains from my diet. Don't think that I'd want to even if I could.

    To anyone interested:

    With changes in my diet, I'm taking baby steps. A complete 180 just isn't going to happen overnight. After doing a ton of research on the American food industry (who I am quite disgusted with at this point), I started by buying higher quality meats and switching over to whole grains. Eventually, I'd like to eliminate all the processed foods from my families diet but I ain't Super Woman...I just can't do it all at once.

    There's a book I read that you may be interested in. It covers the different ways you can balance brain chemistry to overcome a variety of issues including the effects of aging. There's no definitive proof that any of it is very effective but most of it makes good sense, in my opinion. It's available on Google Books. It doesn't include his test (you have to purchase the book for that) but the rest is there.

    The Edge Effect: Achieve Total ... - Google Books

    Just all whites(sugar,bread,ice cream and also pop)No Atkins...

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    Oh geez, I'm 27 and I can tell you my body has entered the downward slope as of the last year (wow, where did those fine eye lines come from? Suddenly not being able to pig out anymore. Harder to get going with exercise, etc.). Really strange...People think I'm neurotic to point out the changes, but the changes are real. Busy making dietary changes and stuff to compensate for the slowing metabolism. x_x

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    Take things day-by-day, that is until I realize my next birthday is coming up It's the only way I can live without losing my mind with anxiety.
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    In my early 30s, i've noticed a few changes. I went back to school this year, and i can definitely see a huge difference between myself, perspective etc., and the average 19-21 year old in how i respond or process things. Although i can find my way around things, it takes me a little longer to grasp things, and I need more time to respond to a situation.
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    Well, let's see, I am 41 and I have started with having hot flashes at night. Only about 10 days before my actual period. I wake up with the my whole side of the bed soaked wet and I have sweat on me that evaporates of course, so I wake up chilled. I have noticed that I have an easier time of putting weight on and harder time getting it off. I maintain my muslce mass, but it goes alot quicker than it did. I am also noticing that I just say whatever I want now, not so careful, it's like 'deal with it' becuase i have reached an age where I just say what I feel and just don't care so much.

    Good things: I am WAY more secure in myself, in my body and opinions. I just don't really care about what others think when I express an opinion. I feel happier with my body and all it's little imperfections. I am not as afraid of dying, I know I have a career, passed on my gene pool and feel pretty much secure and happy at this point in my life. I do not worry about my aging so much, besides a few wrinkles, but I feel healthier than before when I was younger.

    Maybe i have an inside edge, I work in Geriatrics! LOL
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    Generation X

    I turned 40 last month. Yes, I've noticed that the weight is starting to creep up there. My hair has a lot of gray in it. I can't do a lot of the physical things that I could when I was 20 (i.e., all-nighters). However, my life experience makes up for the fact that I can't solve some multi-tiered math problem in .0000003 second. Like most of the other Gen X posters here have stated already, I'm MUCH more secure in myself than I was 20 years ago. I know what I'm capable of, what I'm good at, and exactly what my strengths are - and I know how to play those up to my advantage. Turning 30 was a piece of cake. Turning 40 was rough ... for a few days. I got over my self-imposed pity party and went on about business.
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    The older i get , the better it gets, all the way around. I don't view age as a number, more as experience. I wouldn't venture back to my 20's for anything. I feel as if my mentality is sharper , my insecurities have faded, i know who i am, where i'm going, and how to get there. And yes the SEX...i have to mention this also. The sex is 100 times better then its ever been. Perhaps because i feel totally comfortable in my skin, lights on and all
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    Quote Originally Posted by Dementia in Absentia View Post
    I'm just a few years shy of being a Gen X-er myself. I'm posting the question here in this forum because I am especially interested in the perspectives of others a little bit older than myself.

    In the past year or so, I've experienced some changes in mental capacity, physical appearance, and physical health that have me worried that I am now starting on the deep downhill slope of aging. Sure I've been aging my whole life but it seems like this past years has been when it's been the most noticeable.

    Regarding mental capacity, I'm finding that it's taking me slightly longer to bits of information like facts and names. Sometimes I'll actually blank out and I have to muster a bunch of brain power to retrieve things as simple as my phone number. That never used to happen.

    I find that I'm a little slower doing things like calculations. I used to be a math whiz. Not so much anymore. Maybe because my current job doesn't call for it as much, but it could be mental decline.

    My fluid intelligence is also not as good as it used to be. Someone on the forum posted a nonverbal fluid intelligence test and while others just whizzed through it, I used up my whole time and found it to be difficult. I've always been stronger in verbal intelligence anyway, but I have noticed that I am becoming slower in solving these sorts of problems.

    Regarding physical appearance, I've had to start dying my hair because I'm starting to get gray patches. I feel like I'm too young to naturally go gray at this point without looking like a freak. I've also noticed that I gain weight easier and just feel more flabby even if I've maintained the same weight. I've also started to get little wrinkles by my eyelids.

    Regarding my health, I find I tire more easily from the same intensity of exercise. Sometimes I'll have unexplained episodes of shortness of breath. I feel less flexible. There's this unexplained tightness in my legs and knees that never used to be there. I also think I may be developing restless legs syndrome. I find that I'm more sensitive to certain foods and when I ingest them, my digestive system doesn't like it too much.

    My question is, have any of you experienced such changes in your thirties? Or any other aging changes you want to share? How are you coping with it mentally and emotionally?

    I hate the whole process of aging and I'd love to just freeze my age at 25 but I know that's not possible. I know its just going to get worse and worse and I find that very unsettling.

    I'd love to know how you Gen-Xers are coping with this.
    I think so many things vary from person to person... I think as we get older it might be harder to remember some things just because we know more and we have to take a minute to search it out.

    I noticed when I was about 30 I felt like I had ADD or something as I had trouble focusing to read. I think that had a lot to do with some problems on my mind I needed to work on.

    I am now 40 and am just beginning to see some silver threads among the gold so to speak, so the greying of hair really varies from person to person.

    I spent most of my 20s and early 30's fending off embarassing kiss-offs about "how young I looked" It's not a compliment to be mistaken for a teen when you're an young adult trying to make your way in the world. I guess now my appearance has normalized and the visible aging may not be in the mix just right away-- IF i'm lucky.

    They say keeping your mind sharp with study, puzzles, etc is helpful.

    Do you meet a lot of new people? I know I meet new people at church and we all acknowledge it takes a lot of time to learn new names. We used to be good, as a group, about wearing our name tags, and have slacked off.

    You may need to stretch very gently and slowly as you get up in the morning, and stretch during or after a hot bath or shower. I have done that periodically during my adult life to GET flexible, as I am naturally highly inflexible. At one point, and probably still, I am more limber than I was as a teen. I was very very inflexible then.

    I was such a skinny kid but put on LOTS of weight in my 20s and it pretty well stuck. I dont know so much about flabby, maybe seeing that now, but bodies do change. Were you an athlete before and can no longer actively compete? you'd notice it more, I suppose.

    People also have different rates of learning... they say learning does "peak" at a certain point in life. But I wouldn't take that as assuming one cannot continue to learn and improve. However, we all have different difficulties. I have never really mastered the skill of driving. I find it far easier than I did as a teen, but I suspect I might even have a non verbal learning disability. I sense many things in my life far easier than I did when young. I may have experienced some developmental delays that have evened themselves out, and may not notice declines until later.

    Try not to think too much in terms of decline, or its inevitability. See a doctor to make sure there isn't some condition which is affecting you-- you don't want to attrtibute something to either natural aging or premature aging if something else is going on. You might even find that you're experiencing something that could be treated or reversed--never say never, because without a complete physical and diagnosis, you won't know.

    Although much of what you describe sounds natural enough, early 30s does seem a little early to go through all of that. But perhaps not--others may have other perspectives. If you have had children, for example, that has an impact. As I said, we are all different, and you may find that in some regards, you are not experiencing some symptoms that others your age are. I can understand feeling sad as you experience changes in your familiar self. I felt very sad and tearful in my mid 30s too, over slightly different details, thinking about things in my life that hadn't gone as planned and facing the reality of no longer feeling like I had forever left.

    Now I look back at those 6 or 7 years and think, I was still so young then-- I still had so much time...
    and physically haven't changed very much in those years despite the stresses.
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    Quote Originally Posted by jelly roots View Post
    I am 33 and border generation X and Y, I guess. I've noticed my memory is a a bit more hazy and I can't recollect things in my head as quickly as before in my younger days. I think it has to do with a lack-luster job and just being complacent with my aspirations and goals.

    I will be taking classes soon and plan on going for my masters in about a year. So we'll see if being back in an academia environment will help boost/restore my mind's capacity. I'm scared but excited, too.

    Good for you! I went to grad school at 35! I never planned to wait so long.
    I am contemplating going back for the doctorate... unsure if I will.
    Currently training for medical transcription, more of a technical skill than academic. see where that takes me at this point.

    But good for you! YOU GO!!! Good luck, and I hope you love your studies. What field are you pursuing?

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    I appreciate the encouragement. It's always good to know that age shouldn't stop anyone from self-improvement. I know it won't be easy, but I figure baby steps. Plus I have a great cheering section who are supportive no matter what I decide.

    Aiming for a masters in Occupational Therapy. Hoping to somehow branch into Art Therapy along the way in the process too.

    Whoo hoo, say now, a doctorate, that's admirable! Anything is possible as long as the will is there . Congrats on your mighty feats, so far.

    And BTW, you INTJ's are cool in my book.
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