[Generation X] Aging in your 30's and 40's- how do you cope?

Aging in your 30's and 40's- how do you cope?

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This is a discussion on Aging in your 30's and 40's- how do you cope? within the Generation X Forum forums, part of the The Generations category; I'm just a few years shy of being a Gen X-er myself. I'm posting the question here in this forum ...

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    Aging in your 30's and 40's- how do you cope?

    I'm just a few years shy of being a Gen X-er myself. I'm posting the question here in this forum because I am especially interested in the perspectives of others a little bit older than myself.

    In the past year or so, I've experienced some changes in mental capacity, physical appearance, and physical health that have me worried that I am now starting on the deep downhill slope of aging. Sure I've been aging my whole life but it seems like this past years has been when it's been the most noticeable.

    Regarding mental capacity, I'm finding that it's taking me slightly longer to bits of information like facts and names. Sometimes I'll actually blank out and I have to muster a bunch of brain power to retrieve things as simple as my phone number. That never used to happen.

    I find that I'm a little slower doing things like calculations. I used to be a math whiz. Not so much anymore. Maybe because my current job doesn't call for it as much, but it could be mental decline.

    My fluid intelligence is also not as good as it used to be. Someone on the forum posted a nonverbal fluid intelligence test and while others just whizzed through it, I used up my whole time and found it to be difficult. I've always been stronger in verbal intelligence anyway, but I have noticed that I am becoming slower in solving these sorts of problems.

    Regarding physical appearance, I've had to start dying my hair because I'm starting to get gray patches. I feel like I'm too young to naturally go gray at this point without looking like a freak. I've also noticed that I gain weight easier and just feel more flabby even if I've maintained the same weight. I've also started to get little wrinkles by my eyelids.

    Regarding my health, I find I tire more easily from the same intensity of exercise. Sometimes I'll have unexplained episodes of shortness of breath. I feel less flexible. There's this unexplained tightness in my legs and knees that never used to be there. I also think I may be developing restless legs syndrome. I find that I'm more sensitive to certain foods and when I ingest them, my digestive system doesn't like it too much.

    My question is, have any of you experienced such changes in your thirties? Or any other aging changes you want to share? How are you coping with it mentally and emotionally?

    I hate the whole process of aging and I'd love to just freeze my age at 25 but I know that's not possible. I know its just going to get worse and worse and I find that very unsettling.

    I'd love to know how you Gen-Xers are coping with this.
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    Warning dark post coming....

    While I haven't had those kinds of changes exactly, I have had a few other health issues that took my life down routes that I wouldn't have thought I'd have gone down by my mid 30s:

    Back in 2007, when I was 32 I had a blister on my foot that started a few spirals that were rather noteworthy. The first on this list is being diagnosed as diabetic and put on drugs to get my blood sugars under control. A few months later, at a foot and wound center they tell me that I'd broken my foot and the nerve damage is how I didn't know I had done it! This leads to some depressive episodes that result in my going into the mental health system where I'd be for a few years. Thus we have a depressed diabetic with a Charcot foot. Then came an auto accident that gave me an excuse to get some physio and work to help me walk with the Aircast on my right foot as the idea was to get my weight off it. That was so not fun but I got through it along with breaking up with my girlfriend in here somewhere.

    Within the past year and a half this has grown a little to include a heart condition, low testosterone, high cholesterol, sleep apnea and a couple forms of anxiety. The heart condition was found when I had a stress test done for an exercise program that has done some work as I'm down 60 lbs compared to where I was a year ago now. My sleep apnea was bad enough that I started to fall asleep during the day out of the blue which wasn't good at work. As I have never been great with people, I wanted to get into an interpersonal group but ended up in a social anxiety program earlier this year that did help me quite a bit. There were also a brief hospitalization for some mental issues and a panic attack that also occurred. I did get out of that Aircast for almost 2 months before I got an ulcer on my foot that put me back into the cast.

    So, aside from having an army of medical professionals,e.g. I have 2 physicians, urologist, cardiologist, endocrinologist, orthopedic surgeon, GI doctor, geneticist, therapist, and psychiatrist to name a few, exercising regularly, watching my diet, building my faith & community, and having 8-9 prescriptions including a CPAP machine to help my sleep, I seem to be doing alright now though I'm still a work in progress.

    As for what my future looks like, I'm still working on getting healthy and seeing where this takes me. I know I abused my body but it still keeps on working so there has to be some reason I'm still here and kicking...

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    Ok, so technically, I'm not a Gen-Xer. You and I are probably about the same age. But I've noticed a decline in mental capacity and physical health as well. This bothers me a great deal. It seems too soon. So I started asking lots of questions and doing research. Although we can't stop the aging process, we can slow it down. I started working out (which I was never apt to do before) and eating more balanced meals which has actually made a difference in leaps and bound for how I feel. As far as mental capacities go, learn new things. That's really all you have to do. Simply exercising your mind will help your memory as well as other cognitive functions. Even if I can't be "where I want to be", I feel better since I'm doing something about it. And it has made a difference.
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    Thanks you two. I feel little better now. These past couple of months I've been down about the whole aging thing. I've even cried about it a couple of times.

    Why aren't more people replying to this thread? I'm surprised because this is an issue that concerns a great number of people. I guess there aren't a whole lot of gen-Xers on this forum.
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    I just turned 32. I haven't noticed much difference yet except that I'm getting a little more gray hair. Fat people don't get wrinkles as badly, it seems. Also, my ability to solve logic puzzles has gotten a little worse, mostly because of not being able to focus on things without losing my train of thought. Back before I had such bad reactions to caffeine, I could just pop a No-doz and make my mind work however I wanted, but I think I'm more sensitive to all drugs now than I used to be. I'm so affected by it that I can get anxious and start to panic from a cup of tea that got brewed too strong, so I have to be really careful.

    That probably isn't because of age. It's probably because of the third time I tried shrooms. It messed something up.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dementia in Absentia View Post
    Thanks you two. I feel little better now. These past couple of months I've been down about the whole aging thing. I've even cried about it a couple of times.

    Why aren't more people replying to this thread? I'm surprised because this is an issue that concerns a great number of people. I guess there aren't a whole lot of gen-Xers on this forum.

    Glad you feel better.

    The majority here is generation Y. This particular sub forum is one of the less popular forums too, so the thread is probably getting less exposure with the masses.
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    I am in my 40's so i find my short term memory doesn't work as efficenTly..I keep testosterone levels up with Zinc,salmon....Best Therapy for me is my wriTing..Keeps me relativley Sane..hehehehe(not that zinc and salmon help me from being alone)haha

    PS:I seem to be the oldest(Coughs)
    PSS:Zinc( seXually efficenT btw)..celebate fun wow..
    PSSS:I exercise too,this makes my mind more clear and keeps me looking 10 yrs youger than i am..Diet also very,very important..i cut white everything out and weigh what i did in my 20's..It works..Keeps me more creative too..

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    Quote Originally Posted by Surreal Snake View Post
    i cut white everything out and weigh what i did in my 20's

    Are you talking Atkins Diet or switching over to whole grains? Personally, Atkins fails me. I don't have the willpower to cut all the grains from my diet. Don't think that I'd want to even if I could.

    To anyone interested:

    With changes in my diet, I'm taking baby steps. A complete 180 just isn't going to happen overnight. After doing a ton of research on the American food industry (who I am quite disgusted with at this point), I started by buying higher quality meats and switching over to whole grains. Eventually, I'd like to eliminate all the processed foods from my families diet but I ain't Super Woman...I just can't do it all at once.

    There's a book I read that you may be interested in. It covers the different ways you can balance brain chemistry to overcome a variety of issues including the effects of aging. There's no definitive proof that any of it is very effective but most of it makes good sense, in my opinion. It's available on Google Books. It doesn't include his test (you have to purchase the book for that) but the rest is there.

    The Edge Effect: Achieve Total ... - Google Books

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    I am 33 and border generation X and Y, I guess. I've noticed my memory is a a bit more hazy and I can't recollect things in my head as quickly as before in my younger days. I think it has to do with a lack-luster job and just being complacent with my aspirations and goals.

    I will be taking classes soon and plan on going for my masters in about a year. So we'll see if being back in an academia environment will help boost/restore my mind's capacity. I'm scared but excited, too.
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