[Generation Y] Am I Generation Y or Z?

Am I Generation Y or Z?

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This is a discussion on Am I Generation Y or Z? within the Generation Y Forum forums, part of the The Generations category; I was born in 1999 and I never really got a clear answer on what generation I'm in. Most of ...

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    Am I Generation Y or Z?

    I was born in 1999 and I never really got a clear answer on what generation I'm in. Most of the people born around the same time never seem to know what to be considered because it's kind of a grey area. Thoughts?

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    Generation Y

    I have the same problem with being considered a "Milenium" or a "gen X"...the thing is, if you are born three years before or after a certain generation, you are considered to be in the cusp- so according to some, you will be considered Y, according to others, Z, and there's no definitive answer. In a way it's kind of cool, since you can claim to have traits of both.
    It's what I do, anyway....
    Hope this was helpful!

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    Late Millennial and/or early Gen Z.

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    1997 here, I always say I'm a Millennial just 'cause I'd rather be amongst the youngest in my generation than the eldest.

    Far as I'm concerned if you fall between lines like us it's a matter of opinion.
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    generation z begins in 1995, so you are apart of generation z.
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    I consider myself generation Y because my mother is a baby boomer and I was raised like my older brother&cousins, I remember a time before flat screens, windows vista, smartphones, reliable DSL, and other things. I remember a simpler time where everyone looked up from their Nokia 3390s and actually had a decent conversation and lived more in the moment unlike today's generation that has little to no respect or compassion for others anymore because they aren't taught. The pre social media age was a different era than today and I miss it alot. I am almost 20 years old but I do not relate to any of my generation at all. Who cares about stupid vines or snap chat? I'd rather live life without all those distractions that take away from true interaction.

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    I would say you're the first of the core of gen z. The first wave of gen z is older than you. They are the ones who were young children during 9/11. You were a baby not a young child. Plus you were born after columbine. And a baby during the turn of the century you clearly probably have no memory of it. Those born in the first have a chance in some cases of those born in the mid nineties have a good chance of remembering the turn of the century and 9/11 as young children. Those born in the end of the first wave have a 50-50 chance of remembering it since they're close to the age of 2. Same with 9/11 where those born in the first wave are at least 3 years old. Those born in the core of gen z are 2 or under during 9/11 and probably have no memory at all. The first wave are also college aged and in their 20's. While core gen z are all still teens. They will not be able to drink until 2020's etc... So yeah you're clearly imo squarely z.

    Gen y came of age when you were being born and they clearly are a diffnerent generation but on top of that I wouldn't say you were the first wave of gen z rather the core wave the first years of it.
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