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When did Millennial Culture End/Gen Z Culture Start?

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This is a discussion on When did Millennial Culture End/Gen Z Culture Start? within the Generation Z Forum forums, part of the The Generations category; Originally Posted by Cocoa Puff The electropop era (late 2008-mid 2013) does sum up the Late Y era. The core ...

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    Generation Z

    Quote Originally Posted by Cocoa Puff View Post
    The electropop era (late 2008-mid 2013) does sum up the Late Y era. The core 00s era, which came before it, was Core Y. The core 10s era, after it, is either Early Z, or a cusp era. I kind of still think that this era is still Early Z, until about 2021.
    What is your definition of Early, Core, and Late Y?
    Is it like 1981-1985 as Early Y, 1986-1992 as Core Y, 1993-1996 as Late Y, or something different?
    This is a mid Z speakin ('05) and I agree with that the electropop era was geared towards millennials. I feel though that at the same time mainstream music wasn't fully geared towards post-millennium kids until 2015/2016, when hip hop surpassed pop and rap became pretty huge again. Therefore if we think of Y culture as culture geared towards them, the mid 10's are a great way to divide the line.
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    Generation Z

    Quote Originally Posted by Rainbowz View Post
    That's not a generational thing. Freshmen, no matter their birth year, are always going to be the most "immature" ones. Sophomores are still technically underclassman and barely out from being the lowest grade in high school. Most juniors are 17, driving, probably have a job, and most seniors have reached adulthood and have more responsibility. So there's always going to be some sort of "divide" because teenagers grow up so quickly and their taste changes and stuff.

    The difference between a 15-year-old and a 17-year-old IMO is bigger than the difference between a 13-year-old and a 15-year-old. Depending on where you live, a 17 year old is already an upperclassmen, most likely driving and has a job, and maybe even deciding which college they want to go to, whereas the 15 year old is still under 16 and thus still can't legally drive or consent. They are barely in high school and still have a year left until they are no longer underclassmen.

    That isn't a generation divide. That is just how growing up works. When I was in 8th grade (2015-16 school year) I felt as if the 6th and even 7th graders were annoying and immature, and I felt like they were so different from us despite being in my core age group. But as of now, there is not even a single difference, and we pretty much grew up the same.

    I will say though that no matter the circumstances, there will never and I mean never be a big difference between a one and even two year age gap in terms of what you grew up with. But the different stages of growing up when you're young will make it seem that way.
    Amen. When I was in 6th grade, I thought of us as pretty chill, and the 2 older classes as much more grown up, and experienced different things. 7th grade came and went, and I realized my life was all and all the same. Not much to differentiate. I feel like growing up is a big misunderstanding, and that's why nobody can come to conclusions & agreements on topics such as Gen Z, which is changing every day due to the fact that most of us are still growing up in school.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SharksFan99 View Post
    I used to think of people born between 1995-2000 as being Y/Z cusps and I still believe you could make a case for it, but now, i'm not so staunchly in favour of it. There will always be differences between people of certain ages, regardless of the year you were born in. Someone born in 2005 isn't going to be the same as a person born in 2007, despite both being regarded as members of Core Gen Z. Generations are a flawed concept and they have little relevance out in the real world.
    I wish this website had a system like Reddit Gold.

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