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How well do you fit in school/uni?

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This is a discussion on How well do you fit in school/uni? within the Generation Z Forum forums, part of the The Generations category; Nope, nope and nope....

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    Generation Z

    Nope, nope and nope.

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    Generation Z

    Quite well. I've really found my place, and I'm happy in it

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    Generation Y

    It depends. I could not relate to the high school seniors I graduated with despite my age. I always tend to relate to those older than me than younger. Guess it is a habit for me to act like those older than me than younger.

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    I was a misfit at school who was bullied at times... bored in class a lot... always looked forward to going home... didn't care greatly about my grades... didn't get why we had to do homework when all of the work should have been done at school really while having more free time at home (I avoided doing a lot of homework & revision/did them at the last minute lol)... didn't like how a lot of the lessons were taught... Couldn't fit in properly... Yeah I hung out with other kids at times but they were more acquaintances than actually friends... Didn't know them again after school and moved on quickly from them... Had to defend myself quite a bit... and didn't like the system... I learned better outside of school... Some of the teachers complained about me being non-verbal in class and not wanting to sit with assholes who would have been bad company... Just would have been a waste of time... Rather avoid conflict... I can do what I want... not having a teacher telling me how to socialise and who to fit in with... and I didn't care if that comes across selfish... I have a logical mind and I will use it. Don't miss one ounce of school and became a much stronger person once I left. Freedom! 👍
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    Generation Z

    I'm in high school rn, hell naw lmao. I used to have a friend in my class that I'd be with all the time, but he moved away. Everyone else are already divided up in cliques and stuff, and I have made an effort to make friends and be in groups, but it just sort of disintegrates, nothing ever sticks. I have a lot of acquaintances, I'm not necessarily hated, but I'm definitely not accepted. I spend most of my time with my face stuck in my computer and making up for my social life on the interent kek. I have friends outside of school though, and I look forward to hanging out with them on the weekends and breaks, and I have a lot of friends with them, but in-class wise, I don't bother anymore

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