[Generation Z] How well do you fit in school/uni?

How well do you fit in school/uni?

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This is a discussion on How well do you fit in school/uni? within the Generation Z Forum forums, part of the The Generations category; Are you popular? Do you have many friends? Do you relate to people in your class?...

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    How well do you fit in school/uni?

    Are you popular? Do you have many friends? Do you relate to people in your class?

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    Quote Originally Posted by RandomDudeOnTheInternet View Post
    Are you popular?

    Do you have many friends?

    Do you relate to people in your class?

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    Generation Z

    I don't have quite as many friends as back in High School (I'm currently an undergrad student) but I have a decent amount. I only really started getting involved on campus in the past semester or two though. I joined the committee that runs the movie theater on campus and I've started to make some good friends in that. As for classes, I've only met a few people from them I actually still hang out with. And I know a few people from middle school/high school who go to my university. Overall I'm mostly happy with how I "fit in" at my school, I know enough people so that I'm rarely bored, but I still get plenty of down time.
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    lol I was far from being popular in high school, though I had a nice small group of friends. I did find it hard to relate to people though.

    Being in uni now, I find it easier to relate to people, and still have a nice small group of friends (though not the same bunch from hs.) I fit in pretty well. Popularity, I find, isn't really a concern in post-secondary ed. I don't see anyone as popular or not popular, unlike high school where there was a weird hierarchy of certain groups of people. I don't see those divides between people in uni.
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    Generation Z

    Being goth, I’m a misfit. I fit in nowhere

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    Quite well I mean my college mates are nice

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    Quote Originally Posted by Uselessgothgirl View Post
    Being goth, I’m a misfit. I fit in nowhere
    Generation Z has goths? Ha. I find that oddly reassuring.
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    Not at all. Because of my Aspergers, I have never been able to make a single friend in my lifetime. I never learned how to navigate the social world, and was rejected by peers and even teachers for my social awkwardness. I think it's safe to say I'm never going to have friends for the rest of my days.
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    i have schizoid personality disorder, i did good grades-wise but its not worth my efforts i droped out and i live better now
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    Generation Z

    At least us miftis have the internet to find like minded people :)

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