[Generation Z] How many of you guys are active on /r/Genz?

How many of you guys are active on /r/Genz?

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This is a discussion on How many of you guys are active on /r/Genz? within the Generation Z Forum forums, part of the The Generations category; Hey all Wondering how many of u are active on /r/Genz and what you think of the place...

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    How many of you guys are active on /r/Genz?

    Hey all

    Wondering how many of u are active on /r/Genz and what you think of the place

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    I post on there from time to time, but i'm mostly on my own forum (Popedia). Honestly, I kind of feel out of place on the /r/GenZ sub-reddit, which is why I rarely go on there.

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    Generation Z

    I do some times.

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    I don't have a reddit account at all. It's become just as toxic as this forum since that Michael69 troll started hammering his "facts" into every discussion as to who is Y or Z.

    Can someone just ban him already...

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    I post on there occasionally. I used to post a lot a month or two ago when I was a new member. There aren't many generation topics as much, so I don't post there that much. There some nostalgia or school stuff there, but not that interesting. There used to be a lot of political nonsense in a generation forum which was just so boring and out of control. But yeah, every popular generation forum is plagued by that Michael69 or MichaelBurton69 troll or whatever he calls himself.
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