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Favourite Music?

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This is a discussion on Favourite Music? within the Generation Z Forum forums, part of the The Generations category; Originally Posted by Frky No haha Croatian I'm from Zadar...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Frky View Post
    No haha
    I'm from Zadar
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    I don't have any specific genre I'm fan of, but I like Arctic Monkeys, The Weeknd, Billie Eilish. At the moment I'm listening Keane-nothing in my way, 6lack-luving u, flora cash-you're somebody else, Joji-slow dancing in the dark, The Kills-echo home, Barcelona-fall in love, Oasis-don't look back in anger, and so on... :)

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    Zagreb heree!
    Čekao sam da naletim na nekog iz Hrvatske haha

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    Također!! Nije mi dugo trebalo tho haha :D

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    Quote Originally Posted by faeries View Post
    My favorite kind of music is alternative, though I tend to like something from every genre. I like Korn, System of a Down/Serj Tankian, Crossfade, Deftones, and Tori Amos the most.
    What is your opinion of The Serenity of Suffering? What particular song by KoRn speaks to you the most?

    Quote Originally Posted by TheSilentSilence View Post
    Mostly various subgenres of metal, but I have an ear for lighter music as well as it helps me develop my skills in playing guitar, piano and bass as well as singing.
    Would you happen to have a favorite album from 2018? What do you enjoy about the album and how can you creatively describe it?

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    Generation Z

    Love Funk music.

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    Generation Z

    My music taste is difficult to describe as I listen to most types of genre. Love me some shoegaze (My Bloody Valentine, Slowdive, etc.), post-punk (The Smiths, Joy Division, etc.), and art rock (King Crimson, David Bowie, etc.) music, though.

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    Generation Z

    Generaly right now, my favorite music genres is Electronic Rock and specific type of electronic music. Celldweller (And Circle of dust aswell) and Blue stahli are the core of the music genre I'm listening to right now.

    I back then in my 14 - 17 used to enjoy metal music speciality by Disturbed, but then I started to slowly shift to more electronic music, because I though electronic adds more depth.

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    Oh dang- I have s o m a n y--

    While I enjoy music of every genre (my least favorite is country tho, sorry country fans; only really chill with some old Kelly Clarkson/Dixie Chicks due to nostalgia from mi mama), my favorite genres are alternative rock, Symphonic metal, and broadway/musical theatre.

    Fave bands:
    - Panic! at the Disco
    - Fall Out Boy
    - Dirt Poor Robins
    - Nightwish
    - The Hoosiers
    - Katzenjammer
    - Hands Like Houses
    - Florence & the Machine
    - Starset
    - Nolwenn Leroy
    - Enya
    - The Beatles
    - The Oh Hello's
    - Thousand Foot Krutch
    - Vienna Teng
    - Oh Wonder

    Good luck parsing through that eclectic mess- <x"D

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    Generation Z

    I was a huge fan of Bastille in middle school.
    I also like Avicii (RIP), Jonas blue, Kygo etc. It gets me pumped up.
    OneRepublic, Oh wonder, PATD, FOB, MARINA, Kodaline, The score, Girl in red, Bülow, CaravanPalace, Hozier, Before you exit, Melanie Martinez, Sia, Bahari, Tegan and Sara, King Princess, Clean bandit, Jain etc. are also my favorite.
    But I don't stick to a certain artist or genre. I listen to whatever comes up.

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