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Do us GenZers have a deep hatred for Gen-Y?

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This is a discussion on Do us GenZers have a deep hatred for Gen-Y? within the Generation Z Forum forums, part of the The Generations category; Nope, quite the opposite actually. I like them. I obviously like Z too. Though I have jealousy for gen Alpha ...

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    Nope, quite the opposite actually. I like them. I obviously like Z too.
    Though I have jealousy for gen Alpha (not to be confused with hatred). They have the coolest gen name. My ego cannot cope.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Syvelocin View Post
    Nope, as a cusp I relate way too much to Gen Y, more than I do to Z, so it'd be problematic if I did hate them. Most of my friends are in Gen Y.
    Same here, being right in between the generations I think I relate more to the younger Gen Y overall... my brother, most of my cousins, and a lot of my friends are core/late Gen Y.
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    I don't hate Generation Y as a whole. Even though I can't stand 90s kids, because being nostalgic over the decade just seems overrated now, I don't hate Gen Y with a passion. They're simply a generation that I didn't experience because I was born in the times of Generation Z. But who would simply give a crap about saying that they love the 90s, aside from hardcore 90s kids?

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    They blame piracy for why rock music isn't "in" anymore. I blame the emo trend, but I don't like how it was the scapegoat in removing androgyny from fashion and making our music so bland nowadays; I don't think guys could be gender ambiguous with a quiff and undercut.

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    Not really. Just so long as I'm not referred to as a 'millennial,' because the difference between one four digit number and another four digit number really matters enough that we have to be labeled in (from my perspective) a negative light.
    /end rant.

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    I actually kind of have an inferiority complex against Gen Y; their youngest members IMO listened to the greatest music up to young adulthood (how old most of the youngest of Gen Y will be now).

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    Quote Originally Posted by bigpoltical829 View Post
    After doing some research I have noticed that Gen-Y gets alot of hatred from people stating that their lazy, vain, selfish, etc, and what I want to know is are us GenZers the biggest critics of Gen-Y, in your opinion?
    No. I don't criticize anyone based on their age and I really wouldn't feel comfortable making any kind of sweeping generalization about them or any generation. Even if I had personally known a few hundred, that is such a small subsection of the generation in one particular region of the world. Even if I could make such a sweeping generalization, that goes right out the window as soon as I talk to any individual because then it becomes about what that individual shows me of their character rather than what the trends are for people around their age-group. I have lots of Gen Y friends, but yeah, I just can't see myself hating somebody based on age-derived assumptions about their personalities. When I meet someone, it's a blank slate and they're the ones that write on it.

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    No hate for gen Y, I actually want to be in their place.

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    I don't think that any generation is supposed to hate other generations. Could we all just like each other for who we are?

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