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1995-96 borns, how good are your memories of the '90s?

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This is a discussion on 1995-96 borns, how good are your memories of the '90s? within the Generation Z Forum forums, part of the The Generations category; Originally Posted by aja675 How well do you remember the late '90s? Some people have forgotten everything that happened to ...

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    Quote Originally Posted by aja675 View Post
    How well do you remember the late '90s? Some people have forgotten everything that happened to them when they were 1-4, but others haven't. Which camp do you fall in?
    I remember scenes from the 90s. I can't tell you all of them right now. I was born in 95, and I could remember just generally what cartoons and stuff I was into, or TV shows I watched, but not everything. I'm still a 90s kid though. Captain Planet all the way! :)

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    Born in early 1995, so I probably have more 90s memories than most people here; I also started at a montessori-style kindergarten daycare at 3 in '98 and was in preschool (which was also part of the school I went on to) by 2000.

    -So basically all my kindergarten memories are of the late 90s. These are mostly quite a lot of little vague moments, but I do have a few more substantial ones, most of all interacting with the other kids, especially my best friend there and the games we played. I also remember some celebrations we had there especially Halloween '99, being dressed as a pumpkin and all the fun games…

    -Obviously, spending time with my family, I also remember catching parts of what my brother (who’s 5 years older), was watching on TV, like the Magic School Bus, Bill Nye the Science guy and of course all the old Disney movies.

    There are also a few quite vivid "milestone" memories of special events in the very late 90s that really stick out in my mind:

    -The Solar Eclipse of fall 1999: I was only 4 but I actually have a pretty vivid memory of this as it was the first solar eclipse I watched, I remember that day quite clearly, being very excited, the journey and rush to get to a viewing site with my parents, getting there early and waiting in anticipation, getting all the warnings about eye safety and the special glasses.

    -Moving house also in the fall of 1999, obviously that was a really big deal, getting everything fixed up and painted and settling into my first own room after previously sharing a room with my brother, and of course exploring the new garden and neighborhood

    -And my latest possible major 90s memory, is of the big New Year's of 1999/2000. Since it was such a massive deal at the time despite being not quite 5, I was allowed to go along with my family to a huge public fireworks viewing, watching sitting on my dad's shoulders. Managed to stay awake to remember the big moment of the turn of the millennium with the brightest fireworks of all but can't remember the way home as apparently I fell asleep just afterwards and had to be carried

    Then from the year 2000 on what with starting school, making a lot of new friends, improving my basic reading and math, is when I really developed a lot more of these very vivid memories. I remember the early 2000s very well, including 9/11. Strangely enough, I also actually visited New York with my family about half a year before 9/11. I remember that trip really well because it was my first flight at the age of 6, and I even saw the Twin Towers intact though of course at the time I had no idea that was a big deal since they wouldn’t be for much longer…

    With all these memories and being born just on the brink between Gen Y/Z even though according to the forum rules I'm technically Gen Z this is why I consider myself more of a very late Gen Y and late 90's kid at heart.
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    Generation Z

    June 1995, I have few memories from 90s but some from early 2000s. Our trip to Spain, I think. I got a big seashell there.

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