[Generation Z] Where does GenZ hang out?

Where does GenZ hang out?

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This is a discussion on Where does GenZ hang out? within the Generation Z Forum forums, part of the The Generations category; Consider this somewhat of a sequel to the mall thread. Where do you guys hang out with friends? Is the ...

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    Where does GenZ hang out?

    Consider this somewhat of a sequel to the mall thread.

    Where do you guys hang out with friends? Is the concept of a "hangout" (at least prior to drinking age) a thing anymore?

    The media always depicts teens and young adults having some fun meeting place. Starting in the 50's with it always being a drive-in theater, up to the 90's where it was a mall or a coffee shop. Sometimes it was just a setting, other times it was representative of the formation of a culture. Between watching some old documentaries and various programs, and listening to people's stories, it does appear that there was some truth to that teen lifestyle. But has social media replaced this?

    Personally, I've only ever known of a few instances of my peers hanging out in a public space. I remember a couple groups saying they'd go to the mall, and there was this one clique that would always go to this park. Mostly I recall people going to each other's houses. Other than to go out to eat, I don't really know where there was available to go. Maybe the beach, a few nature spots, but those are weather permitting. Even at the college I went to, it was hard to find somewhere to just chill if you didn't live in a dorm. Until I quit facebook, that was my social "hangout". However, I'm pretty introverted, I guess I've liked being able to interact with people while alone on my couch.

    I think growing up this day in age, safety has been a big concern. Parents want to know where their kids are and frankly, the kids are plenty wary of seedy places, too. Whether we've been overprotected or simply realists probably depends on the situation. Regardless, I think there's been a trend towards wanting to stay in a protected environment (for both adults and kids), particularly when behavior has the potential to get rowdy (like when drinking). I believe that the notion of safety has been keeping people at home, or at bars/restaurants. Awareness of problems may not be new, but the ability to keep up with what's going on the outside without ever leaving is. It seems like technology is allowing people to have their cake and eat it too, keeping them filled in without truly exposing themselves.

    Playing off the culture of safety, loitering seems to be heavily discouraged most places nowdays. Malls have limited seating, even city benches seem to be disappearing. It's hard to go downtown beyond just taking a walk or spending money. Restaurants like Panera and Starbucks that seem okay with people lingering are geared more towards those seeking wi-fi (almost becoming a physical embodiment of the "internet hangout"). Perhaps bars, clubs, live music venues, etc. are more accomodating to people staying a while, however they're not the most accessible environment.

    I also think the young generation is experiencing world weariness at a younger age. Have places changed, or have we? Maybe it's both. We have high expectations for cool experiences. Things just aren't as exciting around town when you can witness greater spectacles online. While nice that we get to see more, it is a little sad that we miss out on enjoying smaller things. It is the life we interject into things that makes them exciting, but if nothing is exciting enough to draw us in to begin with, what happens? Perhaps it is up to us to take inspiration from everything we see in order to create next level experiences.

    So back to my original question: How/where do you spend time with friends? Did internet kill the "hangout"?

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    As a college student, I would say the movies, the gym, or restaurants.

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    From my experience, the catch up place was mostly "the city". We'd catch up at this central square sort of area in the city, look at the shops and get lunch at the food court or a cafe. Occasionally it would be a shopping centre or we might go to see a movie, but "the city" was usually more convenient seeing as most people live really spread out where I'm from

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    Near wi-fi hotspots, coffee shops (because it's cool to be hipster these days ) or near where they can buy clothes or shoot some hoops or something.

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    Yes I forgot about the gym. That seems to have become the go-to place for a lot of people to see their friends. Perhaps it's because it's a rather indiscriminatory place. There's no particular demographic that it appeals to (well, for your Planet Fitness-style mega gym anyway). Maybe because it's also a way to combine pleasure with necessity.

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    I had to convince my dad to let me play outside without being watched over at 8 with my friends. Best decision of my childhood.
    When I was a kid I lived in this abandoned sort of mall (it was a group of buildings with a bunch of closed shops around it, everything was outside, looking back it was pretty dope... hard to describe though). Me and my friends would play around, we'd also go to the two nearest parks. We'd play all the games, and when we got tired we'd play videogames with eachother

    As a preteen we started to hang out more in the city, but we still chilled at the ''mall''
    Those years were spent outside, it was a city but as kids we'd rather explore the small parks. We'd talk more, and walk endlessly, grab some candy, sit around etc.

    Now I've moved to a small town close to nature, we tend to hang out in empty parks, empty places far away near the river, in a local bar when it rains, random far empty fields, or walk around the whole town. Sometimes we go to the mall, but it's not usual since we have to take the bus and it's pretty far

    I don't think internet killed hangout, and never will. As humas we'll always have a natural tendency to group, and the internet is pretty stale after a while. Sure, sometimes we get silent and check out our phones often, but it also gives the oportunity to search for ideas on things or sharing something intersting we've found. I do have to say that I once thought the internet had killed hangouts, but It was when phones were starting to become a norm for everyone and texting was new, also I was with the wrong people.
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    We do usually go to dinner and then we do a walk in our city.. Sometimes we could go to concerts or events of things we like.


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