[Generation Z] Is Gen Z the "Real PC Generation"?

Is Gen Z the "Real PC Generation"?

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This is a discussion on Is Gen Z the "Real PC Generation"? within the Generation Z Forum forums, part of the The Generations category; I've noticed that in the media, when reporters talk about the social justice and political correctness fad that's been sweeping ...

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    Is Gen Z the "Real PC Generation"?

    I've noticed that in the media, when reporters talk about the social justice and political correctness fad that's been sweeping college campuses, they refer to the college kids as "Millennials", but I've rarely (if ever) heard them call them "Gen Zers".

    But current college students were born around 1994-1998... that's 1 year of Millennial students vs 4 years of Gen Z students! Shouldn't Gen Z be getting the blame for this? And I believe this kind of stuff really started around 2013, when the *first* Gen Zers were entering college! Do these media sources just go by the 1982-2000 definition for Millennials?

    Of course, I'm not saying *everyone* in Gen Z is a PC nitwit, there are conservative Gen Zers too. But it seems that for younger people, politics are getting increasingly polarized, with any semblance of middle ground evaporating. On Facebook or YouTube, I've seen a lot of teens pretend to be Neo-Nazis - or even become actual neo-Nazis - because "it triggers the SJWs", or because they believe poorly-sourced memes about Jews and black people. They call thesmelves "Fashy Teens", or the "alt right".
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    Yeah I've seen a pretty rude awakening with the rise of the SJW Left & Alt Right. However, while I agree that the movement seems to be gaining traction with the early Gen Zers, to suggest that Millennials have no relation what so ever would be misleading.

    If you think about it the slur SJW first appeared around 2011/2012. I remember The Amazing Atheist shitting on these guys back in the day, although I will admit that the division wasn't as toxic back then. Most people born post 1995 were teenagers back then, too young to really be involved in political activism. So the college aged kids were those aged 18-22 in 2011, aka those born 1989-1993.

    So in reality the SJW/Alt Right divide is a Millennial phenomenon that has spilled over to Gen Z, at least by your accounts in which Gen Z begins at 1995. If we were to start Z at 2000, then the SJW/Alt Right divide would be a purely Millennial phenomenon, since those born in the 2000's are currently a little young for political activism. However I'm predicting that hopefully this political turbulence dies down soon. Perhaps in another 5 years from now things may not be as bad as they are now.

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    According to a recent Daily Mail article, those born in the 2000s are more conservative than the mid 90s Gen Zers, and "the most conservative group since WW2".

    But that being said, it's the DAILY MAIL we're talking about, so I'd take it with a grain of salt.

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    ur face is PC is that offensive enough 4 u?

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    Well here in America at least, the majority of children are of a minority race or ethnicity, so with that in mind it makes sense for Generation Z to be more tolerant and less racist than earlier generations. When Generation Z really grows up I'm sure we will turn out to be a more tolerant generation than the Millennials were, even though Millennials themselves are, for the most part, rather accepting as well.

    Only a small subset of Millennials are part of the Alt-Right, a group which is composed largely of isolated and angry introverted white men who don't like the more accepting nature of most Millennials. Another main block of Alt-Right supporters comes rather from Generation X, which is getting older and feels left out as a whole by both Baby Boomers and Millennials.

    While being overly politically correct leads to too much censorship at the same time some common decency is nice and the racist elements of the Alt-Right are little more than wannabe reactionaries who only seek to destroy the current culture of acceptance and tolerance.

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    Y started it, Z perfected it. Which is quite a common phenomena really. The next youngest generation has grown up with the idea, is not familiar with life without it, and therefore embodies it.
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    Video from 2010:

    Granted, this guy might be Gen Y. He doesn't say much about himself. So I expect that Gen Z might only be somewhat this, at least only the core of Gen Z would be politically correct.

    Using the f-word is now unthinkable, while just a few years ago, it would have been a bit more common and a bit forgivable.

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    Generation Z

    We're both masters of political correctness and the personal computer.

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    Given the overrepresentation of Si-users in society and the function's role of perpetuating existing societal values, I should think there is a sort of one-generation buffer between societal activism and its actual widespread and general social acceptance. There will naturally always be people to challenge it, but with SJs growing up with parents potentially converted by a movement and a generally activist media probably steeped in it, it's natural that the idea of opposing it is somewhat novel within the current generation.

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    I really wish the media would get with the program and realize that 18-20/21 year olds are not really Millennials by definition, but rather Gen Z! That means the liberal college kids who want "safe spaces" are mostly Gen Z, not Millennials like everyone says.

    Shift the blame onto us! Make fun of us! Stop giving the poor Millennials even more hate for something that's not their fault! They've already suffered enough for the past 5 years. :P
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