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Political Leanings?

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This is a discussion on Political Leanings? within the Generation Z Forum forums, part of the The Generations category; Originally Posted by SeptimiusMaximinus You know, if everyone who (believes in _ party) said they won't win so don't vote ...

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    Quote Originally Posted by SeptimiusMaximinus View Post
    You know, if everyone who (believes in _ party) said they won't win so don't vote would actually vote for the group in question then they would have a lot better chance of winning or gaining more seats in Congress/Parliament.
    Theres also the question of who would make a better government. Honestly I have no idea what hippie mama Jill Stein would do as supreme leader, I havent looked into it. To be fair I dont think a green party would reach any sort of "victory" in the US at this time. Green ideology, to me, is the stage between the current Cold War-esque world and a singularity - AI, transhuman cybernetics, practical immortaility or no aging, Dyson spheres, planet sized computers, virtual universes, mind uploading; all of that shit. I think we will reach the singularity before the world calms down (thats a far fetched idea anyway), so the green ideology is rendered rather useless on the large scale.

    Some people argue that voting doesnt matter anyway, that if the candidates or parties actually were against the zionist world order and the big banks that control everything then they wouldve been shut down long ago :D Im not quite sure of that (because Im not a 6) but its an interesting point of view, it would mean voting is just there to keep the peasants preoccupied and give them a false sense of control.

    There is no point to me to vote for which cannidate who has a chance of winning but doesn't match my views. My vote goes to which person/party matches my views and morals, I vote with my heart and who I believe to be right and just. I am not going to vote for the shiniest of two turds.

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    You can dress it up however you want, it's cowardice. You are just choosing to throw your clout behind someone who can't actually verify the justness or fairness behind your morals. Making a political statement in support of someone who can't enforce it or actually change anything. It's a waste of a vote.

    The truest and strongest of morals, can weather all the necessary evils in the world and remain untainted. I have already given you an example of this. Brexit is the number one issue in British politics today. It is extremely important that this gets done. The Conservatives and Lib Dems are ideologically bankrupt whilst Labour has an insane leader who wants to destroy this country. What separates one of them from the others? The Conservatives are fully behind Brexit. The only way to get this done would be if they were in power (UKIP or the Libertarian Party aren't winning anytime soon). If you want Brexit, but choose to vote UKIP or the Libertarian Party out of 'honor' then you are a detriment to the cause. Period.

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    I was born in 1998

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    Quote Originally Posted by Banned Boy View Post
    I've heard that we as a generation are more conservative than any generation since World War II, which I definitely see signs of. You've got kids shouting "Build the Wall!" in middle school cafeterias, and some schools even had to cancel mock elections because Trump was doing too well.

    Recently I found out that Gen Z begins with 1996 which to me feels like Christmas came early because I went so long thinking I was one of those pusscake millenials.

    So, how about you guys? The nice thing about this place is that it's anonymous so no one has to care about being called a racist or any of that crap. I'm thinking my NT brothers especially will be nice intelligent conservatives, but if we get some NF centrists in here I'll also consider that a huge step in the right direction.
    It makes sense. Gen Zers grew up in the 90's, when all of this identity politics, and pc culture exploded. I think a lot of young people, and a lot of people in general are getting tired of all the "White privilege", "patriarchy", and legislations like forcing people to use pronouns that don't actually exist in order to offend a small minority of people who identify as genders that don't actually exist. (Unless you are genetically abnormal, your chromosomes are either XX or XY, and your body either produces more testosterone than estrogen or more estrogen than test testosterone, which is the entire basis of "male" and "female"). People are getting tired of the idea of institutional racism, and members of black lives mattters killing or beating up white people for no other purpose than that they're white, and being excused by mainstream media, particularly CNN.

    People are tired of being scared to own a business, or if they do own a business, of saying the "wrong thing", of making products a color that will offend people, of having a slogan that will offend people. It's a very hostile environment for business owners, right now, especially white male business owners, due to pc culture getting out of hand. When Razer made a JOKE, about "You can S my D", it was labelled as the "definition of sexism", and they got severely censured for it, and shame, and got all kinds of bad Pr, and were forced to apologize. Really? For a tweet where someone is making a joke, I mean yes, the pun was a play on SD slots and oral sex, but was is really "mysogynistic". It's this kind of idea policing that people are growing extremely weary of.
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    I don't think schooling should focus on teaching kids about politics until well into High School, getting them started too early just leads to indoctrination (of which ideology the state endorses ) because they are at a point where they want to learn and need to learn so they would accept what is taught to them and then blindly stick to that. This thread is slowly turning into Yahoo Answers.

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