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This is a discussion on INFJ or INTJ within the Guess the type forums, part of the What's my personality type? category; Hey so when I take the MBTI tests I almost always get INTJ and it does seem to fit really ...

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    INFJ or INTJ

    Hey so when I take the MBTI tests I almost always get INTJ and it does seem to fit really well but lately I have gotten INFJ as a result and I feel INFJ also has elements of me in it. I am pretty sure I am a INxJ its just the feeler vs thinker that confuses me.
    things about me:
    1. not super social, i prefer to observe things more than to talk and interact
    2. i am not a fan of small talk, i see no need to wave to people (like my neighbors) if I have no relationship with them.
    3. i like listening to people stories/problems I like giving a shoulder to cry on but I also like to give the person a step by step plan. I however only do this with people I am very close to, I will not be like this with someone who I am not close to
    4. i have the urge to help others and improve society, i want to make the world a better place using technology/systems but i am doing this in order to help people improve. for example: i want to create apps/technology that can be used by disabled people or rehab.
    5. i can be insensitive/sometimes say things that are mean but its just to be blunt and straightforward but its to help the person get better
    6. i value my individuality 100%
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    When you're upset about something, what do you do?

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    sounds just like me, even the last part with helping old people. But it's a bit different and more natural help im focused on, like the option to natural medication becus the pills they get are the pills they die of.

    Enyway, sound to me like you are an INFJ, it's just what I think.

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