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Batman: Dark Knight Rises

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This is a discussion on Batman: Dark Knight Rises within the Guess the type forums, part of the What's my personality type? category; my guesses Batman: INTJ 8w7 Sp/Sx Cat Woman: ?STP 3w4 or 7w8 Sx/Sp John Blake: ESFP (possibly ENFP) 1w2 So/Sx ...

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    ENFP - The Inspirers

    Batman: Dark Knight Rises

    my guesses
    Batman: INTJ 8w7 Sp/Sx
    Cat Woman: ?STP 3w4 or 7w8 Sx/Sp
    John Blake: ESFP (possibly ENFP) 1w2 So/Sx
    Commissioner Gordon: ISTJ 1w9 So/Sp
    Alfred: ISFJ 9w1 or 1w9 Sp/So
    Lucius: INTP 5w6 or 9w1 Sp/So
    Bane: ENFJ 8w9 Sx/So
    Miranda Tate: INFJ? 1w9 Sx/So

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    INTJ - The Scientists

    Selina Kyle-ESTP
    Miranda Tate-INFJ
    Lucius Fox-INTJ

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    ENTJ - The Executives

    Yes! Finally someone else who thinks Bane is an ENFJ!

    Batman ISTJ.
    Selina xSTP
    Blake IxFP
    Bane ENFJ
    Gordon xSTJ
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    Batman: INTJ
    Bane: INTJ
    Selina: XSTP
    Gordon: XSTJ
    Tate: XNFJ Thinking E but not sure.
    Fox: XNTP
    d: XSFJ
    Blake: IXFP
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    INTJ - The Scientists

    Batman: IxTJ
    Gordon: ISTJ
    Alfred: ESFJ
    Bane: ENTJ

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    ISFP - The Artists

    Batman: INTJ
    Catwoman: ESTP
    Blake: ISFP
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    INFP - The Idealists

    There has been like three topics on this film. I'm cutting and pasting what I posted originally.

    I think Selina is some kind of SFJ, her use of Si and Fe is apparent, I'm just trying to figure out whats the placement is for them. You kind of see the lower form of Ne in her too where she says Gotham's reckoning is coming and she is going to revel in it. If pushed I would say she is more ESFJ but I could see her as an ISFJ too. But definitely a Fe user, she goes on and on referencing the external standard and how Gotham treats it's poor people to justify her stealing. It's not until the end of the film where Batman gets threw to her and she wants to become better because he shows her that she can become better. He raises the standard and she goes with him. Enneangram: 3w2, So/Sp

    Gordon seems like an ESTJ to me, a Te dom with inferior Fi. He is haunted because he let Batman take the fall and he can't live with himself because he didn't live up to his ideals (inferior Fi) he looked at what worked for the people and for Gotham (Te) rather then what was internally the right judgement call to make (Fi). Enneangram: 1w2, Sp/So

    John Blake -- some kind of Fi type. His ideals are all over the place and he uses subjective judgement calls all the time bucking against authority figures. I would say he is an ISFP over INFP, just because he seems more concrete based rather then abstract. But there isn't too much detail given to him. Enneangram: 6w7, So/Sx

    Miranda Tate -- Ni-Fe/Fe-Ni user some kind of NFJ, her main theme seems to be that she did everything because Daddy wanted her too and because she didn't feel the people of Gotham were innocent and that they all deserved to die or pay because her Dad died and she was getting back at Batman which is totally Fe. Constant referencing to an external standard. Everyone in Gotham is guilty or evil because Dad said so or something. She plans everything down to the letter so I could see her using Ni. I guess I would put her as an ENFJ is pushed. Enneangram: 3w4, Sx/So

    Bane -- was he even a personality? He was mostly just a puppet for others as revealed by the end of the film. I could see him as a Te dominant type but it's hard to see his other functions because he really was just the muscle behind the Al Gaul's. Some kind of ETJ. Enneangram: 8w9, Sx/Sp

    Bruce: Not a Fe user. Leads with either Ni or Ti. I see Fi in his code of principals thought not Fe. I would say INTJ. However his thinking also seems introverted to me too. It doesn't look like he is using Te. But I see Fi>Fe and pronounced and leading Ni so I guess that makes him an INTJ by default. Enneangram: 5w6, Sp/So

    Alfred: I have no idea what he is. But seems to judge himself by his ability to take care of Mr. Wayne. Which strikes me as Fe. That automatically makes him some kind of FJ. There is not much else to his character in the films though so it is hard to come to a direct conclusion. Enneangram: 2, So/Sp

    Lucious: Strikes me as a Te user. This toy works, want to see what it can do? Also seems to have a Te factor in how can I make this work efficiently/effectively and better. When Batman "dies" the first question he asks is what could I have done to make sure that this didn't happen. Te. Not much else is there otherwise though. I guess some kind of TJ. Enneangram: 5w6 So/Sx
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    Unknown Personality

    Batman: ISTJ
    Catwoman: ESTP
    Bane: ENTJ
    Miranda Tate: INFJ
    Alfred: ISFJ
    Gordon: ESTJ
    Freeman aka God: INTP
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    INFP - The Idealists

    Batman: INTJ
    Cat Woman: ?STP
    John Blake: ESFP
    Commissioner Gordon: ISTJ
    Alfred: ISFJ
    Lucius: INTX
    Bane: INTJ
    Miranda Tate: IXFJ
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    ESTP - The Doers

    in the cartoons, batman is definitely ESTP 8. In the movies, christian bale is either ENTP or INFJ, its hard to say.

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