My Mad Fat Diary

My Mad Fat Diary

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This is a discussion on My Mad Fat Diary within the Guess the type forums, part of the What's my personality type? category; I have watched the series up to S3E1 (only two more episodes to go!). Here are some of my ideas ...

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    My Mad Fat Diary

    I have watched the series up to S3E1 (only two more episodes to go!). Here are some of my ideas for the MBTI and Enneagram of the show's characters.
    Rae - ENFP (4w3 7w6 8w7 so/sx)
    Finn - ISTP (8w9 sx/sp)
    Chloe - ESFJ (3w4 so/sp)
    Izzy - ISFP (9w8 sp/so)
    Chop - ESFP (7w8 sx/so)
    Archie - INFP (p6w5 sp/so)
    Rae's mum - ESTJ (8w9 sp/sx)
    Karim - INFP (9w1 so/sx)
    Kester - ENFJ (8w7 so/sx)
    Danny - ENTP (7w6 so/sx)
    Tix - ISFP (1w2 sp/so)
    Liam - ENFP (4w5 so/sp)
    Rae's dad - ???
    Notes and challenges while typing:
    - Some of the characters are mentally ill, so I may be confusing their mental illnesses with their actual type. Tix is anorexic and has a very hard time letting go, so I think she might be in a Fi-Ni loop, unable to trigger her Se. It's very difficult to know the exact diagnoses of Liam and Danny as well, as Danny seems more eccentric/unable to fit into society (although he does give successful relationship advice to Rae) and Liam appears to be a misanthrope with depression and body-image issues, who often takes pride in being broken and separated from society.
    - We often see Kester playing different roles with different patients (the ways in which he treats Tix and Rae with their respective issues). He is also not afraid to show his emotions (high Fe). His character is written quite differently from S1 and S2, and I chose to focus on S1. He seems to be in a high stage of integration.
    - Rae's gang seem to be mostly sensors, (except for her and Archie) but they often meet up mostly for drinking and the career paths they pursue are very high Se/Si, so I might be stereotyping here.

    Feel free to add or challenge me on these typings with your arguments :)
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    I think rae is an esfp. She shows very little Ne but a lot of Se as she acts on impulse and makes decisions based on her physical senses - very in the now. Enfps are more in the future and basically just idea generators. She didnít visit tix as she was living in the present.

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    Iím actually going to rewatch it now!!! Youíve inspired me!!

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    Nah, Finn is an obvious 9w8 and Chloe doesn't try to be different in any way.

    Rae - ENFP 6w7 (She's just there. She isn't a 4 just cause she's whiney af.)
    Finn - ISTP 9w8 (Clear-cut)
    Chloe - ESFJ 3w2
    Izzy - ISFJ ?
    Chop - ESFP 7w8 (Good call)
    Archie - ISFJ 6w5
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