NETFLIX's Sex Education characters MBTI: Can you guess?

NETFLIX's Sex Education characters MBTI: Can you guess?

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    NETFLIX's Sex Education characters MBTI: Can you guess?

    I started watching this new Netflix show and it´'s just too soon for me 'cause I'm on episode 3 but I was trying to design the characters' personality types. Can you help here?

    Otis: INFP
    Eric: ENFP
    Maeve: ISFP
    Jackson: ESxx
    Adam: xSTx
    Jean: ENTP
    Aimee: ESxJ

    And there's a lot of characters, you can add them here
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    INTP - The Thinkers

    It's probably too soon for final types and I'm not sure of all the names, but:

    Otis - I kinda want to say ISFJ and INFP at the same time. Is INTP out of the range of possibilities? Clearly introverted ("I want to be in a corner") and lots of obvious, visible Ne/Si. Unhealthy Si, honestly, but it's there.

    Eric - ESFJ is my read. No clear signs of intuition and definitely an extravert. I get more of an Si/Ne from than the other way 'round.

    Maeve - ENFJ or ENTJ. Her conscious cognitive process is jumping between Ni potential and Se physical reality. She's good at seeing the potential in an idea (if not herself) and makes you respect her. She's actually quite good at getting to the heart of things and maintaining self-control of her image.

    Adam - ESTP. Just a stereotype, really.

    Jean - ENFP. Interesting take on the "clueless academic" mom.

    Maeve's friend/White Mean Girl - ESFJ.

    Maeve's sex partner/boyfriend/swimmer - ESTP. No thoughts about the consequences.

    A lot of characters don't have enough personality yet--I'm curious about Ola's eventual type and her father's. And Otis' father. What little we see suggests Se, but there's not enough there yet.

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    Ola some type of xxTP


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