What's the style?

What's the style?

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This is a discussion on What's the style? within the Guess the type forums, part of the What's my personality type? category; The game is: 1) "Create" bands with the Personality Type and gender of each member (full-time members). 2) The next ...

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    What's the style?

    The game is:

    1) "Create" bands with the Personality Type and gender of each member (full-time members).
    2) The next one will tell what musical style they are most likely to play, and continue the game with another band, as on step 1.
    3) Same as 2, always repeating the cycle.

    I will start:

    ISFP female singer (contralto)
    INFP male keyboarder
    ESFJ male guitarist

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    Sweet romantic pop songs

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    A quite jumpy pop band.

    ESTP male singer (Baritone)
    INTJ rhythm guitarist
    ESTP solo guitarrist
    ISTP bass guitarrist
    ISTP drummmer
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    Metal emo band

    Estj(electronic guitar)
    Isfp and eafj(background singers)

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    A mix of electronic with Jazz.

    INTP one-man band.


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