What type my father exactly is?

What type my father exactly is?

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This is a discussion on What type my father exactly is? within the Guess the type forums, part of the What's my personality type? category; For first I thought he was an ESTJ, later on I thought he was an ENTP, ENTJ, ISTJ... But now ...

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    What type my father exactly is?

    For first I thought he was an ESTJ, later on I thought he was an ENTP, ENTJ, ISTJ... But now I think it is rather some form of Fi dom use.

    And this thread could also be used as a possibility to type myself as well, why not miss on that opportunity.

    Anyway, I considered the effort to write down our dialog to which would help to determine my father's correct type.

    So this followed with a conversation about a question that I was interested in asking regarding sneezing.

    Me: How come that when I sneeze It's not loud, but when some other people I know, the tend to sneeze overbearingly loud that the entire town hears it?

    Father: Are talking about specificaly me?

    Me: Not really, It's also used to be with with other kids on my school.

    Father: There are type of people who try to do that quietly because of public place, then there are people who just sneeze loud because they need to do so and they dont give poor piss about the public, and also I'm at home, I'm not allowed to fully sneeze out?

    Me: For some reason when I sneeze out as much as possible, it doesn't come out as loud as yours, I'm asking for that explanation.

    Father: Well, It's physiology, each one is differnet

    Me: That's the kind of answer I was asking for, not that rambling you made previously.

    Father: What?

    Me, thinking to myself: Ah shit, not again with his acting on being dumb.

    Seconds later, My father: When you come to talk to me later, don't expect me to answer back!

    Me: Why you are so angry, calm down jeez!

    Father: Because you ignored my question, which is very rude!

    Me: I said that you could just gave me that simple answer instead of going into rambling.

    Jeez, so sensitive, thought to myself.

    Father: When I wen't outside, I've seen a horde of cars standing in the middle of the road constantly beeping, only to see one guy with a car repairing the road, ignoring the cars that constantly beep that need to pass. Like that's the typical Arabic discipline, It's a matter of discipline, some people don't give a shit about others or you!

    To note out, we live in israel.

    Me: Ok, but I wasn't-

    Father: You see-

    Me: Goddammit, stop interrupting me! And stop using it as a way of conveying it to my feelings, as if It's something personal, It's very annoying and It's not something I asked.

    Father: Do you remember that bank near the Macdonalds? Even you are with me as a child.

    Me: That place where the missile landed in the Second Lebanon war?

    Father: No, that was an post office, I'm talking about bank. It was a a place opposite to the MacDonald, you we're with me. It was that time when one Arabic woman raised her skirt, revealing her backside, and pissing to the ground in front of us. That's Arabic discipline for you, that's how they we're raised! And to matter, jews are no different, they also have similar discipline, they don't give a shit about others

    Noticement: I did not create to promote racism, I just merely copied our conversation as an subject to type my Father and myself as well included, so, no ban or deleting my thread, ok? I do not share my Father's viewpoints.

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    All dads are STJs and everyone exploring the MBTI is INFx

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    Quote Originally Posted by Stevester View Post
    All dads are STJs and everyone exploring the MBTI is INFx
    That's a bold statement.


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