oscar hopkins-long and with quotes from the book

oscar hopkins-long and with quotes from the book

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    oscar hopkins-long and with quotes from the book

    From the Peter Carey's book Oscar and Lucinda.

    I've seen him typed as INFJ on another forum from someone who had only seen the movie (which I love too BTW), and I can see it,because in our outer appereance all of us INFX loonies might appear similar. He's also very religious which I believe is a trait more associated with INFJs, they seem to be much more mystically inclined.

    But from the book I would say he's INFP.

    Let' see. If he was INFJ he would be seen using Ni sometimes, and yet I think that in the book there aren't many istances of it. Then again Ni has always been confusing too me (even though, judging by my functions scores I can use it pretty well-I use it but I can't explain it!)..."

    "Here he might stand still for hours, in a day-dreaming trance no wind could cut, examining dead leaf, leaf mould, spores, fungi, white indeterminate life-something without a soul that looked like spilt flour. " (pg 33)...

    could this be an example of Ni? What I'm pretty sure of is that both in chapter 13 and 42 Oscar is seen using Fi.

    "But what will your poor father do? said Mrs Stratton. Think of the terrible pain you will cause him, to know his son is here with us, not half a dozen chains away.
    you shall go home to him.

    Oh, no, said Oscar, and he banged his hand upon his knee in an agony of agitation. (...)

    "I cannot, No matter how I yearn to." "

    The values of his very loving, yet harshly fundamentalist father are not his own anymore, and he feels that some kind of inner duty, much stronger than personal feelings calls him to a different path. Not only that, but the whole conflict with himself thing seem to be a very INFP thing...the tears and struggles, considering other people's feelings to the point of hurting and torturing ourselves, but in the end doing what we FEEL is our duty, our calling.

    In chapter 42 he's struggling with the idea of becoming a missionary in Australia, something that is very difficult for him since he has a strong phobia of water (plus he's not really the adventurous type )...

    "I enquired about New South Wales.
    When Wardley-Fish spoke, it was very quietly and softly. "There is no need, he said, "for you to frighten yourself with such ideas."

    But Oscar, when he replied, had his voice in that tight and scratchy register. "I must,”"

    Oscar doesn't seem to have a very high Fe, which is something that an INFJ would have. It's repeated many times in the book that he doesn't seem to have an idea of how the others perceive him, and while he's emotionally showy to the point of appearing disturbed, he doesn't seem to respond well in social situations.

    His whole idea of turning the little glasshouse project into a glass church for me could be an example of Ne. He doesn't create anything new, no complex system or philosophy the way someone using Ni could. He sees a prosaic object and considers it with different eyes, connecting it to the web of his own religious faith.

    I can also see him having a strong Si in his endless and precise cataloguing and ordering of his dead mother's bottons. A practical and disciplined task, but one that is connected to the remote idea of childhood and a happy idealized past.

    His inferior function Te could explain his collecting and organizing and cold logic of his betting journals

    "The charts and tables that made up the system were contained in sixteen black clothbound journals. They were at once as neat as the boxes of buttons he had classified in his father’s house, all ruled with columns and divisions, and, at the same time, smudged and blotted. His hand was a poor servant to his mind-the first was a grub whilst the second was a fastidious fellow with white cuffs on his sleeves and a tyrant for having everything in its place."

    but what convinced me that he's indeed one of us (*insert freaks joke*) is this simple phrase that Lucinda says about him in chapter 82

    "He looked her straight in the eye and she saw, then, the strength in him. He was so light and frail, so soft in his manner, that it was always a surprise to see this, the steel armature of his soul."

    the soft manner and weakness hiding an iron core. An iron core that is mostly there to resist, an "armature" not a sword. Something that is built for defense, not offense. INFJ's seem are more active, aggressive warriors, than defenders.

    They fight to bring their own ideals to light, change things...while INFP are mostly concerned with resisting, and defending their values, showing a lot of emotional stamina but often not much assertiveness.


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