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This is a discussion on Donald Trump within the Guess the type forums, part of the What's my personality type? category; A question for those who lean more to ESTP- where do you see Ti / Fe, as opposed to Fi ...

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    A question for those who lean more to ESTP- where do you see Ti / Fe, as opposed to Fi / Te?

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    The way he reacts like a 5 year old whenever someone says anything remotely critical about him? But that could also be Inferior Fi.

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    ENTP - The Visionaries

    Yeah, no, he's definitely an ESTP. But stop using him to bash ESTPs lol
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    ESTP, obviously values and uses Se frequently, don't see valued Te since he never really seems concerned with getting the facts really straight, he gets criticized all the time for saying things that aren't factually true, I don't think he's trying to, but going for effect (Se) and general point/you-get-the-idea (Ti/inf. Ni). Valued Fe, interested in how he comes off, emotional dynamic, but obviously heavy-handed and clumsy, Fi PoLR as well, doesn't seem to spend much time thinking about his own personal set of morals, when he brings these things up he seems impressed with himself feels very childish, don't necessarily mean that in a bad way, just the way a child would go about realizing that something was wrong.

    Plus, Beta over Gamma quadra for sure.

    Beta quadra

    Ti blocked with Se

    Beta quadra types prefer situations where the power structure and hierarchy is clearly defined according to consistent rules where ambiguities are minimized.
    Beta quadra types are more confident analysing realistic characteristics of situations, people, and objects, rather than alternative and could-it-be scenarios.
    Beta quadra types are inclined to attribute to a new acquaintance traits that they have previously observed in other individuals belonging to the same group as they see the new acquaintance as belonging to (Aristocracy).
    Beta quadra types are inclined to look for general rules explaining people, politics, mechanisms and trends, rules that once defined can be applied generally, rather than go about things in a case-by-case way.
    Beta quadra types are energized by competitive situations where analytical tactics are emphasized.

    Fe blocked with Ni

    Beta types tend to enjoy group activities where the whole group participates in generating a common emotional atmosphere, as in laughing at jokes, etc.
    Beta types tend to feel energized in the presence of people who share their beliefs and express them with obvious enthusiasm and emotion.
    Beta types tend to give more value to feelings when they are demonstrated with clear emotional expression, and tend to increase the level of their own emotional expression in order to get a reaction from other people.

    Beta types tend to describe personal views of special meaning with "poetic" or "dramatic" expressions and language.
    Beta types are often deeply concerned about social issues and the direction the world is heading. They believe that apathy is a significant cause of societal problems, and work to fight against it.perhaps?

    Fi blocked with Ne

    Beta types are not inclined to enjoy discussions of personal experiences when the focus is on a person's own inner feelings, especially when described in a subdued way.
    Beta types tend to be skeptical of another individual's potential for personal growth in terms of abilities and character, and dislike being the subject of such a discussion by others about themselves.
    Te blocked with Si

    Beta types tend to look down on nuts-and-bolts, detailed work as a source of success, preferring to focus on "vision" and leadership.
    Beta types don't so much enjoy relaxed personal activities as they do competitive group activities.
    And I mean...Beta

    Has a similar vibe to Kanye imo who I think is an ENFJ, they both have that extroverted beta style, anti-Te because it lacks practicality and it's not subtle at all, Trump does have decent Te (as ESTPs do) but he's not really about Te things, but about sheer effect and competition but I get the feeling that with Trump it's still basically social competition, he's concerned with business and economics but more for what it represents than for the sake of it, I think it's obvious he decides who's most important in a room based on Fe (and Se) criteria, and he cares more about who's most important in a room than who's ahead behind the scenes.

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    Quote Originally Posted by tanstaafl28 View Post

    He's an egomaniac who wants tribute. He doesn't care how he gets it. You ever seen a pic of his office? Stacks of folders and papers everywhere. No organization.
    Quote Originally Posted by tanstaafl28 View Post
    This...looks ridiculously organized to me lol
    I mean, everything looks specifically stacked, even lined up with each other to look nice, it's not like huge pile of horror, just a desk with a bunch of stuff on it...
    (Not a good way to determine P/J though, if that dichotomy even means anything)

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    Quote Originally Posted by throughtheroses View Post
    Trump is so Te. Anything that seems like Fe is just his babyish inferior Fi. He's so incredibly selfish--just because he appeals (on purpose) to a conservative Christian Fe voter base doesn't mean he has it himself. And where would be his Ti? He's all about efficiency, not logic. Trump wants to impose himself, his will, and his brand on the world and change it into something more palatable for him.
    This is Fe though, the bolded.
    And being selfish has nothing to do with Fe or not Fe, selfishness is a character issue, not a personality issue.

    Te doesn't have to make good decisions. But everything he's done so far, taking such decisive action without any mind for other people's consequences, reinforces that he's a raging maniac with narcissistic Te. (Not that Te is negative in and of itself. It's just obvious that Trump is an unhealthy ESTJ.) And his inferior Fi comes out whenever anyone hurts his feelings or 'attacks' his family members. It's his victim complex.
    I'm...not a fan of Trump but I think he's made fairly reasonable choices in line with what his voters expected of him, think this is a mischaracterization. Don't agree with his politics on some issues but given his priorities I think he's been making solid decisions with a pretty keen eye to the consequences, think it shows good Se and Te decision making. What I do see as a weakness (compared to faults I see with him, different story) is that he doesn't think things through, for example his immigration ban, don't think he thought about the people who were already coming into the country, that was a whole disaster, think it shows bad Ne and Ni also. Big picture is was a solid decision (which I don't agree with but for his goals, yes), small details things went pretty badly. Which seems typical of Se-dom, devalued Si, low Ni, bad Ne.

    As for secondary Si, he's idealizing the misleadingly 'idyllic' past of America to an extreme. Ne is more difficult to prove, but I think one could argue that his habit of saying whatever pops into his head is reasonably Ne-ish.
    Si - nah, for one thing he doesn't focus on the details of idyllic past, but either way I think it's more of a Ni move, to be focused on some paragon of a society because it's focusing on an era, the time, not the things the time was filled with.

    For instance I'm pretty sure Lana del Rey is ISFP (could potentially see INFJ) and she's built half her image on a nostalgic 60s-70s America, and she's WAY more detailed than Trump ever is talking about that time period (I mean, she's a singer and he's not but...)


    Anyways it's a Roman Emperor move, and that's definitely a Se archetype.

    Didn't mean to triple-post, sorry)
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    Quote Originally Posted by sparklehorsette View Post
    A question for those who lean more to ESTP- where do you see Ti / Fe, as opposed to Fi / Te?
    He has no moral conviction. He does things out of sheer calculation. What will have a great effect on people. You can see his careful choice of words ("it's GREAT") to reach everyone. It's not a Fi conviction. It is Ti calculation.

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    Quote Originally Posted by sparklehorsette View Post
    A question for those who lean more to ESTP- where do you see Ti / Fe, as opposed to Fi / Te?
    Let's see. ESTP = Se Ti Fe Ni, right? Se: He sees what's out there right in front of him and loves to do that. Ti: He thinks about it and makes the corresponding moral judgment (Fe).

    Te: He would have to examine the facts out there and determine a rational judgment about them but he does not, IMO. Instead his judgements are subjective about the outside world. Yet if his reasons are to support his constituents who voted for him, this could be Te. Not sure. If Te, he might have an Fi feeling about it.

    It's that Se that may determine the answer. If the Se is so strong, that would send Te to the unconscious making it not official Te. He is weakest with Ni when he makes mistakes. He is willing to correct them though. What do you think?

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    *unsubscribes from this thread to avoid a headache lol*

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    Quote Originally Posted by The Night's Queen View Post
    ESTP, obviously values and uses Se frequently, don't see valued Te since he never really seems concerned with getting the facts really straight,
    I see both Te and Ti types doing this though. Especially extroverted thinkers, they'll often be like ''I got all the information I need to make a rash decision''
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