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This is a discussion on Donald Trump within the Guess the type forums, part of the What's my personality type? category; Personality type is always difficult to pin down when someone has a mental health issue. It seems like Trump might ...

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    ENFP - The Inspirers

    Personality type is always difficult to pin down when someone has a mental health issue. It seems like Trump might have a cluster B personality disorder and/or may potentially be suffering from some form of dementia/decline in his overall mental health. I'm not a psychiatrist. I'm not *his* psychiatrist. So I'm not diagnosing him, it's simply my opinion of the matter.

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    ESTP, sure and sure...

    He really wants to be loved by the greatest number while remaining true to his base, even if he's clumsy. It is something very noticeable. He wants to be appreciate but remains rational (whatever people think) . It's not just power. He wants to go down in history like a dissident. Moreover, he begins to target the FED. The last one who did that ... was Kennedy. He challenges the system permanently, adapts in real time, while remaining faithful to a certain vision ... A tactician.

    Macron is ENTJ. Do you realize the difference?
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    In a nutshell: As an SLE-Ti, Trump likes to fight and be feared by others, force confrontation, and make others do things they dont want to do. As the Vain, Egocentric 3w2 character type, Trump's main strategy is to Outshine Others and core feature ambition. In the average levels, he makes for a tough competitor but under stress has an unquenchable itch to brag and boast. (ex. The Billy Bush tapes nearly did him in). As a SO/SP, Trump has an easy time making enemies and verbally lashing others.
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    He's more present in the moment. He also has a common sense approach to things. I know most people online have a N bias when it comes to anyone successful. But don't let it fool you, most sensors are successful in their own right.

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    He wants people to believe that he is good at getting things done "in the moment". But if you watch closely it's all just an illusion that he's cultivating and what he actually does is make quick decisions and then get other people to try to get them done under the scenes. His "skills" seem to not extend much beyond conning stupid people.

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    I think he's an assertive ESTP. Focused on present, blunt, doesn't care what people think. YOURE FIRED. very similar to my ESTP cousin, when we used to play shop in my aunts attic, he was always making deals to make money, buying other people's businesses, ran a casino, bank, and temporarily a night club. He also would try to "sell drugs" (which no one would buy) and cigs. He was mayor of the town once but we had to kick him outta office because he abused his power to make money and charge ridiculous taxes, money hungry allowing "crime" (mostly robbery) in the "city" (it was all good fun as bad as that sounds, none of us ever took it seriously, none of of have ever done drugs smoked or done anything like that). He learned his lesson and never ran for mayor again. Very easy for him to just tell people straight up their fired and he wants them to get out. No one could control what he was gonna do, he had a knack to tease my ESFP sister and was quite a fun person to be around when he wanted to be fun. But can just bulldoze people when he's had enough or doesn't agree with someone. They sometimes act before they think, but it usually doesn't end horribly. ESTP's prefer to act and think at the same time usually to where ENTJS thoroughly think things through before acting. ESTPS tend to be risk-proned (like trump) to where ENTJS don't like to make mistakes and are always focoused on the best outcome and accomplishing the goal they set out to do.
    Feel free to debate rationally :D

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    ESTP 3w2 So/Sp
    That is how he strikes me.

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    ESTP, he gets his energy primarily from other people (E favored), his language usage is more SP than NT, he is less able to focus than NTs are (S favored), he's disagreeable and pragmatic and not afraid to "step on others' toes" (T favored), and he improvises and can adapt quickly to changing circumstances and is playful (P favored).

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    ESTP. P for impulsive. Doesn’t like being confined in, or put in a box. His lifestyle seems ENTP. However I think he is borderline ESFP. Likes to go with gut more than logic. But it could just be extremely high E doesn’t let him think deeply about things.

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    Edit lifestyle matches with ESTP

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