The Evil Within

The Evil Within

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This is a discussion on The Evil Within within the Guess the type forums, part of the What's my personality type? category; Anybody have an ideas for possible mbti types of the evil within characters? For example Ruvik, Sebastian, Joseph, Juli, Leslie ...

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    Unknown Personality

    The Evil Within

    Anybody have an ideas for possible mbti types of the evil within characters? For example Ruvik, Sebastian, Joseph, Juli, Leslie

    Looking at their personalities,
    Juli seems to focus on what she has to do in the now, and what will happen if she fails.
    Joseph and sebastian kind of have opposing personalities, so they may have very different types possibly.

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    ISFP - The Artists

    OK, not sure if my reply got up because of some spam bullshit, I'm doing this again.

    Ruvik seems like an obvious Intj to me, maybe an Entj with his openness to sharing his memories. Jimenz is an ENTP to me, I just know, don't know how to explain my reasons for this. Julie seems to be a Infj, with her re-activity and also how she critically thinks her situations through. Joseph is an Enfj, again I don't know how to explain my reasons. Sebastian is an Istj/p, I can't quite decide is he's a J or a P. Leslie is very distrustful of people due to the experiences with past experiments and his mental instability, he in no way uses Si or Ti in his actions. It's always very brash and sensitive about his actions, not very thought out. Most definitely not a J, that speaks for it's self. Leslie is an Isfp. Recap:
    Ruvik - INTJ/ENTJ
    Jimenz - ENTP
    Julie - INFJ
    Joseph - ENFJ
    Sebastian - ISTJ/P
    Leslie - ISFP

    Do you agree?

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    Unknown Personality

    I agree with Ruvik being an xntj - he's a definite thinker and wants the overall good. (well not exactly overall good aha)
    I agree mostly with everything - although I'm unsure on Sebastian's type like you are. J or P? Not sure aha.
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    ISFP - The Artists

    Well in a way Ruvik does want good. It's just incredibly fucked up. You have to remember that even before the fire, and being locked in a basement, he was mentally unstable. He wants revenge on the fanatic religious nuts that killed his sister and stole his father.
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    Unknown Personality

    (I put xntf instead of xntj I corrected it sorry about that)

    Yeah I agree he wants good but he's doing it in a immoral way. I feel sympathy for him. He wants revenge for all the events that happened to him - he saw some horrific things and is very mentally unstable - I think he cut open animals from a young age? I'm not sure.
    Yeah with the linking consciousness he wants the overall good that it could bring, unfortunately the way he goes about it isn't very moral. He definitely thinks long term.

    I'm not sure about Julie's character. She seems to work with a secret organization that knows more about this situation. She may possibly be INTJ instead of INFJ because she seems to think critically - waying out the options rather than how she feels. She wants the hard truth it seems..

    I also empathize a lot with leslie for a lot of reasons. His actions are interesting - he definitely reacts to external stimuli in a panic - but it's difficult to type him because he has mental illness. I agree with you ISFP makes sense. Leslie has premonition which is interesting.
    This article seems to have a little bit of information about premonition
    Carl Jung - Synchronicity
    Dream - Jung's premonition of his mothers death
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    ISFP - The Artists

    I'm not giving Ruvik any excuses, I can put myself in his place and see his reasons, doesn't mean I condone it (Do I sound condescending? I'm not too good at sounding nice through text). And I could definitely see Julie being an INTJ, now that you mention it. I never heard of premonition before, I wonder if there was a specific reason why Leslie has this, besides the whole obvious horror genre thing.

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    Unknown Personality

    Don't worry you don't sound condescending :) I get worried that what I say will come across different too,
    Yes I definitely condone what Ruvik has done, it doesn't excuse what he did but I can see why he did it.
    I wonder that about Leslie too.
    I've heard of premonition before but I haven't really looked into it.
    "A well-known personality test, the Myers-Briggs Type Inventory (MBTI), has been used to identity individuals who are premonition prone. People who rank high on “extroversion” and “intuition” are likely to experience premonitions." Is There Really Such a Thing as Premonition That Foretells Future Events?
    The Physiology of Psychic People and Psychic Ability | The Weiler Psi - "The anomalous sensitivity extends to emotions with psychic people being strongly associated with a high emotional sensitivity. In the Meyer Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) most psychic people fall into the INFJ and INFP categories. "

    "Trauma, both from ordinary accidents and injury as well as abuse, including sexual, plays a part in psychic ability as well. Disassociation, which is a common psychological protective measure the mind institutes in the presence of intense pain, both mental and physical, is an altered state of consciousness. "
    I know that Leslie was abandoned by his family, possibly in a traumatic way which led to mental illness but we don't know. I wonder why he was abandoned.

    Also "Altered states of consciousness are a key factor in psychic experiences."
    I wonder if Leslie's possibly psychic mind has something to do with Ruvik wanting them to link conciousness?

    Leslie is a possible infp?.. I don't know haha. I wonder that too - maybe premonition somehow made his mind more compatible with Ruviks mind or maybe it has something to do with advanced consciousness.. it could mean so many things

    (Also I'm don't mean to sound condescending too I just really like to analyze/discuss )
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    ISFP - The Artists

    I'm still pretty convinced that Leslie is an ISFP. Though I'm pretty sure he's Autistic, which would be an excuse for his family to dump him when he was younger, Mali the condition worse. Then the experiments can along, making it a lot worse. He's experienced a crap load of trauma for sure.
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    Unknown Personality

    I think Joseph might be a perciever
    In his journal Sebastian admits to believing that you sometimes have to "bend the rulebook a bit" in order to break a case. This apparently put him at odds with Juli Kidman who was opposed to such tactics.
    He described as being the opposite of Juli
    He seems to go by his owl rules which makes him a possible flexible person when it comes to dealing with situations.

    Okay :) This is what I think so far as a possibility

    Ruvik - INTJ
    Jimenz - ENTP
    Juli - INTJ
    Joseph - ENFJ
    Sebastian - ISTP
    Leslie - ISFP

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    ISFP - The Artists

    I definitely agree with you on Joseph being a perceiver. And it explains his actions mot thoroughly than the Judging dom.
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