I'm copying Nears' thread about classmates: now my classmates xD

I'm copying Nears' thread about classmates: now my classmates xD

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    INFP - The Idealists

    I'm copying Nears' thread about classmates: now my classmates xD

    Well, now my friends...and classmates
    Nerea - Very quiet, in a first approach. She's very delicate, she even has that delicate, deep look. She's very sensitive and careful, and won't easily tell you about her life, but it's not like she was secretive neither. She loves brit pop and indie rock, like me...this is why we started speaking somehow xD she often thinks I am too negative and tough when I speak. Specially TOUGH.

    Kathy - The social glue for people. She invites everyone, to her reunions, and doesn't mind people. She's sensitive, a bit hyper and easy to excite, doesn't mind s howing her emotions. Has a lot of friends, loves make-up, and these things. What I mean is that she befriends people easily, like she did with me. I think she's an ESFJ. A non-annoying one.

    Álvaro - He's a bit shy in a first approach, and the reason why we are friends is that I am the only person in the world that knows he's gay. He's reticent to say that, even if he has a pretty good sexual life, that he, in the other hand, dislikes because he wants love and not sex, in his words. Very sensitive, feels very depressed at times for little reasons, or mainly, boys that won't pay attention to him. He likes wacky things and colours. He feels like a freak and he's proud.
    As more information, I'll add that he seems very sensitive, too, and gets very deep when talking about feelings. In the other hand, he gets lots in my train of thought because he accuses me of being "too philosophical". He never takes that seriously...

    Jimena - My best friend. Much like me, or at least, I'm superbly in love with her. Loves it rough. She likes punk rock, and draws pin ups. She doesn't have many friends and is in trouble wi th her class. Very cocky behaviour, at times. Very deep way to think. Loves Nietzsche. I think she's ENTP. She's much like me, really. She's like a carbon copy of what I am + what I'd like being. She's super dirty at times and can be very gentle just to her friends (like me). If she hates you, she'll kill you. I love that side of her.

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    Unknown Personality

    The first and third seem to use Fi, and I would guess the third is Se Fi or Fi Se. First is probably Fi dom, no clue about the Se vs Ne though. Agreed on the esfj. Last one definitely sounds like an e, t, p - again not sure about s vs n in her case.


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