Anakin Skywalker (prequel)

Anakin Skywalker (prequel)

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This is a discussion on Anakin Skywalker (prequel) within the Guess the type forums, part of the What's my personality type? category; What the hell is he? I've heard the mentally unstable, poorly written points...but still, what the hell is he? He's ...

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    INFJ - The Protectors

    Anakin Skywalker (prequel)

    What the hell is he? I've heard the mentally unstable, poorly written points...but still, what the hell is he? He's vastly different from the Phantom Menance and IV/VI obviously so I thought it'd be easier to guess his type movie by movie.

    Phantom Menance - ?
    Attack of the Clones - ?
    Revenge of the Sith - ?
    IV - VI - ?

    I always figured it was something amongst the likes of ESXP/ESXP/(here his character changes immensely)IXFJ/(IV-VI)IXTJ

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    Unknown Personality

    As Darth Vader he looks like an ESTJ to me.

    As Anakin Skywalker, I really wouldn't know. I see much Se in him but also a lot of Fi (his actions were messed up, of course, but he did all he did following his personal beliefs and he wanted to do the right thing and do good to the galaxy). My guess would be ESFP (unhealthy) but, heh.

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    ESFP through 2 and 3, more ENFx ish in 1.
    Seriously he is not a Fe.

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    Actually, I always sort of saw him as an infx like his son, or maybe an istp because he seemed kind of introverted didn't he?

    The fact that Luke Skywalker is virtually considered an INFP by everyone, and he basically has the same traits and personality as his son, I do not see why he would be anything too removed from those preferences. That being said, he was really, really, really damaged though, (seriously, though, I think that's the whole thing with him as a character that Lucas was trying to get across) so I imagine that made him act in a way that wasn't really normal of whatever type he was? unless yeah, ESTP just because he didn't like rules and was hot tempered and spontaneous?

    Any type could be like that though..
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    Oh wait no, now that I think about it, I sort of remembered things wrong.

    It's just what really stood out for me was that, he was a slave on his home planet and had to leave his mother at a young age, he was then indoctrinated into the Jedi Academy when he was still very young and did not take to all the rules and structure that it imposed and actually in a lot of ways, acted quite like an atypical teenager at the time and was spontaneous and rash and never thought things through; and had a difficult time dealing with supposedly being 'the savor of the galactic federation and universe' and having to carry that as a burden at such a young age, amongst fledgling feelings of young love amongst Padame and himself that he could not really be expected to resist (which makes you wonder if the Jedi Academy was too strict and almost archaic and doomed to kind of suffer a decline like it did.

    Also was well, I think being a slave and then finding his mother murdered in cold blood really put him over the age and was the obvious cause of his rash and uncontrollable emotional issues. (not because he was an ESTP)

    Maybe that was his type though, I cannot really remember.

    It could have been like his son as well, he daydreamed of a different life entirely from the one he was given, whilst all the while being forced to only ever be obedience and listen to what he was told.
    (day dreaming) he's also just like Rilo ken as well, his grand son, which only makes you wonder if they are going for some kind of irony with their characters.

    The rebels who want freedom the most, and yet one of the highest ranking imperials leaders who wants freedom as well for themselves.
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    ESFP, through all the prequels. He's totally into impacting / engaging with his environment, in a very casual way (Se). His motivations are intense individuality, the need to be taken seriously as a unique person (Fi - not to mention his ability to detach and care about no one, other than Padme; he never tries to impress the JEDI Council, after dismissing them as antiquated, etc). Te is present in him acting on his emotions, sometimes laying down a hard line; and inferior Ni is what causes him to turn to the dark side -- his impending doom belief that Padme will die in childbirth.
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