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This is a discussion on Dragon Ball Z within the Guess the type forums, part of the What's my personality type? category; Originally Posted by hasenj Gohan is INFP, and Trunks is INFJ. Goku seems ESTP-ish but there are situations where he ...

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    INTP - The Thinkers

    Quote Originally Posted by hasenj View Post
    Gohan is INFP, and Trunks is INFJ.

    Goku seems ESTP-ish but there are situations where he shows signs of N.

    Vegeta is too obsessed with his status to be an NT imho; maybe ISTJ?
    I can get obsessed with my status at times. I believe its some weird Fi.

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    Goku - ESFP
    Vegeta - ENTJ
    Gohan - INFP
    Krillin - ISFP
    Bulma - ISTP
    Trunks - INTP
    Piccolo - INTJ
    Chi chi - ESTJ
    Dr. Briefs - INTP
    Yamcha - ISTP
    Tien - ISTJ
    Frieza - ESTJ

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    INTP - The Thinkers

    Idk why people claim Future Trunks is an INTP. I remember one part where he suppressed his energy so he couldn't embarrass his father(Even though Vegeta didn't go USS for it makes you slow). I as an INTP could never relate to that. He even went on to admire his father's chivalrous nature. As an INTP, I never feel that way.

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    ENTP - The Visionaries

    Quote Originally Posted by Blackened Marxist View Post
    Who does he respect?
    Frieza. When we first meet Vegeta, he, Napa and Radditz all work for Frieza. It's understandable that Vegeta would betray him. An ISTJ would definitely be capable of that under the circumstances. There is no way that Veggie head is an NT, he is all about using other people's inventions and following tradition as it applies to the Saiyan race.
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    INTP - The Thinkers

    But he never respected himhe just did that to stay alive...but when the oppurtunity struck, he made a brilliant attempt to sabotage his army. He never takes sides and talks like Nietszche himself, total Ni.

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    ENTP - The Visionaries

    Quote Originally Posted by Dizzle View Post
    I think Vegeta is an ISTJ for the following reasons:

    He is only focused on getting more powerful. He does this at first because of his drive to get out from under the oppressive rule of Freeza. We come to find that at a very young age he was sent to serve Freeza by his father, though against his father's will, so here we see that he was abandoned by his authoritative figure and had to submit to someone he did not respect and Vegeta imposed upon himself very rigorous standards of having to be the best and fulfill the destiny that he was the legendary super sayian that his father and Freeza assumed he would become. Totally Type 1 childhood development issue.

    Vegeta lives and plots in his head. His taunts are part of his tactics to best his opponent. He thinks he is the legendary SS so he expresses himself in such a manner.

    He doesn't invent anything, he uses the existing technology around him to his advantage because he knows how to use it from his previous experience. He demands Dr. Brief to build an improved gravity room so he can become a SS in the manner that he thinks Goku achieved it. He doesn't think about Goku's friends and family or feelings having anything to do with it. It isn't until he sacrifices his life in an attempt to kill Cell that he realizes he even has feelings for Trunks and Bulma. Total ISTJ trait to ignore feelings.

    He reacts to the knowledge and information he knows either based on what he learns from the situation or from his past and then applies the knowledge directly. He doesn't care about having the lastest gadgetry, just the best of what he is familiar with and he sticks to it throughout. Bulma developes a new armour vest for him to replace his old Freeza style armour after it gets ruined in his attempt to become a SS and leaving Earth. Total Si behavior.

    So I think his main cognitive functions are Si and Te. Si that narrows it down to ESTJ or ISTJ.

    Vegeta is born into royalty and he feels entitled to certain privileges. He feels responsible for the Sayain race. In the movie The Return of Cooler (which has the best Vegeta entrance ever!). He tells Cooler that no Sayian blood will be spilt and tells Goku that it is his Vegeta's place to kill Cooler. He also feels that only he may kill Goku as he must prove that he is the most powerful Sayian. Again a focus not just on being the most powerful, but most powerful Sayian to fulfill the expectations of his father and his people. And he can't understand how a low born Sayian like Goku could become more powerful than he.

    When he isn't fighting he goes away to think and practice. And when he knows that he must fight a new powerful opponent he prefers to practice by himself. When he and Future Trunks go into that time place at Kami's, he leaves Trunks to himself. Total I trait.

    Therefore, I conclude ISTJ.
    I wrote this in another thread so I am posting it here.

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    INTP - The Thinkers

    Nice backstory but it totally ignores the evidence I have presented. Just because he entitles him self and claims rights, does not mean hes ISTJ. People like Hitler did the same they had plenty of Ni. Just because he doesn't invent anything doesn't mean hes an S. It all boils down to how he talks, and his philosophy . He speaks often in metaphors and has own unique outlook on life. He is quite concerned with theoritical summations of his foes (18 for example). Though he may be wrong. He is also great at manipulating people to back off. Take what he did to android 20. Another thing you can do is simply read things that Nietszche said and compare it to what Vegeta says. Inoted striking similarities.

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    ENTP - The Visionaries

    Goku isfp
    Vegeta ixtj
    Bulma entp
    Trunks infj
    Chichi esfj
    Yamcha estp
    Picoolo intj
    Gohan isfj

    I think its very hard to tell because akira always changes the their peronality in every new saga like vegeta firest you think he is an intj but later in kid buu saga you start to belive that he is an istj
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    INTP - The Thinkers

    Quote Originally Posted by Miracles seeker View Post
    Goku isfp
    Vegeta ixtj
    Bulma entp
    Trunks infj
    Chichi esfj
    Yamcha estp
    Picoolo intj
    Gohan isfj

    I think its very hard to tell because akira always changes the their peronality in every new saga like vegeta firest you think he is an intj but later in kid buu saga you start to belive that he is an istj
    Yeah, Vegeta seems really N when he was Majin and when he first met Goku. But at certain points of the android saga he seemed very S.

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    I've typed them all before, but this is how I type them now:

    Goku: ESFP (happy-go-lucky, focused on the needs of others and group dynamics, impulsive)
    Vegeta: ISTJ (status-oriented, traditional, focused on retribution for past crimes, logical)
    Piccolo: INTJ (inventive fighter, focused on 'that which works', has a behind-the-screens approach)

    Gohan: INFJ (sensitive, diligent, focused on feelings and harmony)
    Goten: ESFP (basically a second Goku, with minor alterations)
    Trunks: INTP (inquisitive and knowledgeable, focused on solving problems, has a problem in dealing with overwhelming emotions)

    Frieza: ENTJ (seeks to constantly conquer new territories, focused on commanding others, excited when challenging situations arise)
    Cell: ESTP (the hands-on type, clearly unaffected by the emotional displays of others, the 'boy scout' villain)
    Buu: ESFP (wants to have fun and lives in the moment, focused on immediate emotional gratification, gets bored easily)

    Krillin: ISFJ (focused on helping others, often feels incompetent, a bit of a romantic)
    Roshi: INTP (guru of his discipline, lazy, secretly analytical)
    Yamcha: ISTP (a loner, utilizes a "tough guy" façade, laid-back, focused on the tangible)

    Chi-Chi: ESFJ (overbearing, focused on the domestic life, values order above anything)
    Bulma: ENFP (random, focused on action and adventure, not very serious)
    Videl: ISFP (focused on the physical, in tune with the other's feelings, detail-oriented)

    That's about it... I think I've covered all important characters.

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