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This is a discussion on Type most likely to... within the Guess the type forums, part of the What's my personality type? category; IxFP tmlt be comfortable around people and comfortable being alone...

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    tmlt be comfortable around people and comfortable being alone
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    tmlt be student body president in your high school

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    TMLT embody the culture of Washington State

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    TMLT be a personality test freak.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Klaro26 View Post

    TMLT be a personality test freak.
    IxFP. They're the most obsessed with their own personality, and they got the inferior Te influences that unconsciously makes them want to fit in into categories.

    TMLT fantasize about living in a totally unknown country years later without doing anything to make that happen.

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    TLMT wrestle bears for fun

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    TMLT identify with kanye west

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    TMLT like snakes

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    Type most likely to spend time thinking about which fictional characters combined equals their personality.

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    TMLT being sarcastic to avoid sensorship?
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