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This is a discussion on Type most likely to... within the Guess the type forums, part of the What's my personality type? category; INFP TMLT have fun doing good?...

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    TMLT have fun doing good?

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    TMLT believe a "fact" they saw on the internet that's actually 100% fake without suspecting a thing

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    TMLT go from rags to riches.

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    INTJ or INXP

    TMLT be a basement dweller
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    TMLT fly an airplane as a hobby
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    TMLT be sorted into Slytherin

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    TMLT to run a successful meme blog.
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    High Ti users (Dominant or auxiliary), perfect function for knowing what makes people laugh.

    TMLT hate fanboys?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ichthus View Post
    High Ti users (Dominant or auxiliary), perfect function for knowing what makes people laugh.

    TMLT hate fanboys?

    TMLT make a lot more money self employed than as an employee

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    ExFP with Te-loop.

    TMLT kiss a complete stranger?


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