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This is a discussion on Type most likely to... within the Guess the type forums, part of the What's my personality type? category; ENTJ. TMLT wonder why all of @ TABASCO 's TMLTs are about crime....

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    TMLT wonder why all of @TABASCO 's TMLTs are about crime.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Crowbo View Post
    TMLT bite the dick off during a bj
    Mileena. xD (I couldn't let the joke pass by).

    Quote Originally Posted by Enoch View Post

    TMLT wonder why all of @TABASCO 's TMLTs are about crime.

    TMLT be kind most of time, but frightening when nervous?

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    TMLT wear a purity ring despite having accumulated an extensive sexual experience?
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    TMLT talk nonstop and interrupt people because they don't care about what you have to say and just want someone to listen. This person usually talks about mundane and boring topics.
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    (I actually apply that to ExFP instead of ESFx, but whatever)

    ExFJ for the answer

    TMLT to grab a shotgun just after an invasion from Hell started.
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    TMLT be terrible at cooking

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    INxJ for (subjective) quality; INxP for response rate. Ultimately INxP.

    TMLT to survive a mutant outbreak in a space station a la Dead Space?
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    ISTP I guess? by the way, you cunt make me want to play Doom again :(

    TMLT have low self-confidence and motivation but play the funny and tough guy on the internet despite everything?
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    Type (and position) most likely to be the most obsessed player on change the status of USMNT on soccer?

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    ESFJ (right back).

    TMLT have tonsurephobia.


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