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This is a discussion on Type most likely to... within the Guess the type forums, part of the What's my personality type? category; INFP TMLT get a misdiagnosis of a mental disorder which sets events in motion that make them develop something that ...

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    TMLT get a misdiagnosis of a mental disorder which sets events in motion that make them develop something that actually can be defined as a mental disorder
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    I have been diagnosed with 'mild' something and was told that because of it I shouldn't be very good at a certain subject at school that I probably might've excelled at, I felt that it was a misdiagnosis even before I began the tests for it and still do.

    TMLT feel dreadful for being called 'smart'.

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    TMLT feel pressured by being called smart
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    TMLT not identify with most of their old threads and posts.
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    TMLT wish that original posters had more say about the threads they create
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    TMLT suffer a Kafkaesque experience.
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    TMLT be Kafka
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    TMLT feel awful for 'typing' famous and/or dead people because they themselves may have hated to be 'typed'.
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    TMLT be afraid of mixing up famous people
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    TMLT prefer typology theories over other personality theories
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