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This is a discussion on Type most likely to... within the Guess the type forums, part of the What's my personality type? category; Enoch ESXJ ironically Xool Xecutioner ISTP TMLT have the most useless demonstrative function...

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    Enoch ESXJ ironically
    Xool Xecutioner ISTP
    TMLT have the most useless demonstrative function
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    Quote Originally Posted by Enoch View Post

    TMLT be murdered.
    What would an ESFP tertiary loop look like?

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    TMLT have the best PoLR function.
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    TMLT have the best inferior function
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    Skipping you, Attention Whoresy
    IxFJ as Fi is against their Fe auxiliary obedience and caring

    TMLT to be in a John Woo's movie
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    TMLT know when they're going to be ninja'd.
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    Xool Xecutioner ISTP
    Enoch INXP
    TMLT not be ninjad
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    TMLT play TMLT in the wrong thread.
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    TMLT name themselves Dr Whorsey
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    TMLT be a 'romantic' but hate romance.
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