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This is a discussion on MBTI of rappers within the Guess the type forums, part of the What's my personality type? category; Originally Posted by Witch of Oreo While we're at it, what do you think Slava KPSS/Gnoiniy/etc is? I lean to ...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Witch of Oreo View Post
    While we're at it, what do you think Slava KPSS/Gnoiniy/etc is? I lean to ENFP as his Fi shows more and more, especially in third round of his battle with Oxxymiron.
    Hmm, honestly IDK. I'm gonna have to dig deeper into his shit to get a better idea.

    EDIT: After listening to some of his shit, he's definitely an ExxP, most likely an ESTP or ENFP

    Also, I like your avatar
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    Quote Originally Posted by SomeRandomGuy View Post
    Earl Sweatshirt - INTP
    Gambino - INTP
    Vince Staples - ENTP
    Pusha T - ISFJ/INFJ
    Kanye - ISFJ
    Eminem - ISFP
    Minaj - ENFP
    Agree on almost all of those, though I'd say that Kanye is clearly an ESxP of some sort

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    @Witch of Oreo

    What is the first song on that mixtape?

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    Sorry for spam. Admittedly tho, Oxxxy could also be an INTP who's just very in-tune with his Fe

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ka1serTheRoll View Post
    @Witch of Oreo

    What is the first song on that mixtape?
    Which one, the one in my sig? It's titled just "Intro"

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    Quote Originally Posted by witch of oreo View Post
    which one, the one in my sig? It's titled just "intro"
    Yes that one, but NVM I found the song although it isn't on spotify

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    J Cole is definitely INFJ, probably 1w2, so/sx 100%
    Kendrick is also INFJ, 9w8, so/sp
    Mos Def and Talib both ENFP? Mos is 4w3 and Talib probably 7w8, Mos sx/sp and Talib so/sx but could be sx/sp
    Tupac ENFJ 6w7 so/sx
    Common INFJ 9w? so/sp
    Busta Rhymes ESTP 8w7 so/sp
    Pusha T - ESTP 8w9
    Birdman - ESTP 8w9 sp/sx
    Royce Da 5'9 some sort of ST 6w5?
    Eminem - ISFP 6w5 sp/sx
    Joe Budden - INFJ sx/sp 4
    Andre 3000 - sx of some enneagram type, no idea about mbti either. Definitely sx/so, must be the only sx/so mainstream rapper in history tbh but if someone else finds me another rapper that's sx/so for definite it would be surprising.
    Big Boi - ENFP 7w8
    Kanye West - XNFP or ISFP with underdeveloped Se(the former seems more likely I think he is Ne-Si + his idealistic tendencies in his music and interviews) sx/sp 4
    Nicki Minaj - ENTP 3w4(Ne-Si > Se-Ni definitely, an unhealthy ENTP in the grip of her inferior if you check out her music, inferior Si dominating everything in her last album) sp/sx? sx/sp? definitely so blind based on her recent rollout.
    Drake - EXFJ 6w7 so/sx
    Scarface - ISFJ 6w5 sp/so
    Ice Cube - IXFP so/sx 4w3? 6w5?
    Nas - INFP so/sx same enneagram situation, 4w3? 6w5?
    Method Man - EXTP 8w9 sx/sp
    Ghostface Killah - ENTP 6w7 so/sx(I can see so/sx 8 aswell)
    Raekwon - ExFJ? ExFP? I think he's definitely 2w3, social dominant? sp/sx maybe?
    RZA - INFJ 9w8 sx/sp(sp/sx is possible)
    GZA - INTJ 1w9?
    U-God - INTP 6w5?
    Inspectah Deck - ISTP 9w8 sp/sx
    Cappadonna - INFP?
    Masta Killa - INFP?
    Travis Scott - ISFP 4w3?6w5?
    Quavo - ExFP 7w8
    Lil Wayne - ISFP
    Takeoff - ISFP 9w8
    Offset - ISTP 9w8? (ISFJ is possible also)
    Biggie - ISFP 9w8
    Craig Mack - ESTP 8w7? 7w8?
    ODB - ENTP or ENFP? 7w8?
    50 Cent - ISFJ 3w4
    The Game - IxFx 6w5? 4w5? 9w1?
    Lloyd Banks - ISTP 8w9 or 9w8 ? I can see ISFP aswell
    Tony Yayo - I can't tell if he's 2 or 6
    Denzel Curry - INTJ 8w9
    Jay-Z - INTJ 8w9

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    Nicki Minaj is a 3w4 ESTP. Once again, people assume that an ESTP can't be creative. She has a 4 wing hence the creativity.

    Drake is a 3w2 ExFJ. No way is that guy not a 3.

    Don't care about the others.

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