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    ENFP - The Inspirers


    I was rereading Eragon recently so I was wondering what they're personality types are. I'll guess on a few but fell free to say otherwise or pick different types for them.

    Eragon-want to say Enfp. He can stand being alone even though he really does care I’m going to say extroverted because he almost always talks to Saphira and he generally wants to change the world I say extroverted. He wants a better future for himself and Saphira and generally everyone also he likes to/needs to think of how a magician will attack him so intuition. Even though he can be logical he still sees the bad and good in people and things aren't grey to him so feeling. He's not really organized or disorganized but just seems more perceiving to me.

    Saphira. ISFJ (she is a dragon so a dragonality type is what she would be lol) This one is really tough. She is very supportive of Eragon and she always want to be around him but I don't think I can say introverted or extroverted because she is one of 3 dragons living so social doesn't exist in dragons really. If I had to guess she seems to process information through her head but she does want to change the world (Extroverted trait) but still say Introverted. Both Eragon and Saphira personalities are affected by each other and she really only cares about her future oh her race and Eragon for the most part or at least that's her priorities, so I'm going to say Sensing. Although she is very wise I want to say feeler. She doesn't really care if something is organized but she likes taking charge and expects people to follow and is quick to make is decision so judging.

    Arya- Idk really going to reread some to know her better but I would say INFJ just as a guess.

    Brom- INTJ. Oh I miss him so. Introverted because he could live alone, he cares for the future of humanity but he does take things through his senses so I'm going to say intuition but barely. Definitely think and judger. Nuf said.

    Galbortorix. ESFJ VERY interested to read battle between these 2. He hasn’t been directly talked to in the book so this is very circumstantial talking. And sorry to whatever type I give him to lol. Extroverted wants to change world to his biding. Doesn’t seem very much into the clouds or anything like that so Sensing. Going to say Feeling. Very messed up guy but feeler. Judging because he like control and making decisions (King)

    More Characters
    Thorn (Dont think we can get a personality type for him yet)

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    INTP - The Thinkers

    I'm not that great at typing so excuse me in advance.

    Christopher Paolini is apparently an INFJ and in a lot of interviews he explains how he created Eragon to be a lot like himself in many ways. I disagree with you typing Eragon as an extravert because he doesn't seem troubled by solitude and prefers the company of people he's already comfortable being around. Plus I'd give him Ni dom over Fe, I'm not entirely sure how to explain why but it makes better sense in my head... Then again, isn't it always that way.

    As much as I enjoy the book series I am getting pretty worn out about reading Eragon's constant break downs. The only thing that irks me even more than that is how Paolini will let onto so many little bits of information and it'll make me have to stop, set down the book for a minute and think; 'Is this actually important and should I remember it, or are you just messing with me?' It's no wonder with all these little leads that the series is getting put into another novel, and not the mention the third one was a heavy piece of work.

    Right so what was I doing here... Typing, oh yeah. I'll try to get back later.

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    INFJ - The Protectors

    I don't think wanting to change the world is a strictly extraverted trait... Haven't read the books in a while.

    Realize that Eragon and Saphira are really close, naturally they're going to want to be together regardless of their personality type.
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    ENFP - The Inspirers

    There beings are effected by each other. Even said in book lol. I could see him as e or I honestly but I think he's definitely nfp.

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    I know this post is quite old, but I still wnated to share my opinion. First, the desire to changing the world has nothing to do with being extroverted ort introverted. Elon Musk is an introvert, Hitler was one and almost every INTJ wants to change the world.
    And not ecery extrovert is torubled by solitude. In fact, there ar3e things like antisocial extroverts and social introverts. It is more like if you live in the outside world ore more in your head. And Eragon clearly does the former.

    I think you are right when it comes to Eragon. ENFP fits the bill. Extroverted intuition really seems to guide his actions.

    Brom: No, Brom is a clear INFJ. Not because i would say that he clearly prefers to feel than to think, but because of the functions. He claerly uses extroverted feeling, which is responsible for empathy and bulding a connection to others. He also seems more likely to use the more self focused introverted thinking than the goal and action orientated extroverted thinking.

    Arya on the hand doesn't seem INFJ to me for the exact opposite reasons: She seems to use fi not fe, which is more based on your moral believes than on empathy. Her way of thinking seems goal and task orientated. But she öacks the visions an INTJ would have. I would say ISTJ.

    And while I don't agree with some of your typings, I can understand why you did them that way. Except Galbatorix. While he almost seems like an ENTJ cliche I am not sure if he is an ENTJ or an ESTJ. And I am not saying that because those are the stereotypical types for tyrants. ESFJ is out of the question. Galbatorix clearly uses Fi and not Fe and while he has a strong emotional side, his emotions are clearly quite unstable. N doesn't necessarly mean head in the clouds. He seems to plan quite in aqdvance, to corrupt and manipulate people for his own long term gains. That would normally point more to N than to S. (just one example: he predicted murtaghs flight). But I tend more to ESTJ. While he can act like an Intuitive when it comes to planing and predecting peoples moves, it seems that he just uses it as a skill. ENTJ villains are sometimes power hungry warlords (Negan, the walking dead) but more often they are rulers that try to implement a very twisted vision of how the world should be, like Sauron from Lord of the Rings, Light Yagami from Death Note and Gellert Grindelwald from Harry Potter. Galbatorix is neither. He is not a brutalsavage and he doesn't seem to have a vision. So I would go with ESTJ.
    And I mentionend that there is such a thing as an antisocial extrovert. Galbatorix seems to fall into that categorie. He does'nt seem to care much about human contact.

    Orrin: ENTP
    Childisch, demanding, but still quite a clever guy. Everything about him seems ENTP. ENTPs sometime just can't help themselves when it comes to arguments. But their way of arguing is much more playful and childisch, unlike the NTJs which are are considered to be the most argumentative types after the ENTP.

    Murtagh: I don't know. I have some guesses but nothing seems to fit 100%. He seems to quikly analyze situations and use them to his advantage. But the way it is described in the books he could either be an Ne or an Se Dom. I can't say more.

    Nasuada seems to be an SFJ although I am not sure if she is introverted or extroverted. Her father seems ESTP.

    Durza: This one is tricky. I would say that he should think about him as a person which personality changed after he came a shadow. I would sqay he was originally an INTP. After becoming a shadow he became an ISTP. THis would fit. While both share the dominant and inferior function, they are quite different. Their dominant function is introverted thinking, which is about knowled for the sake of knowledge, facts and the more abstraxt way of thinking than it's extroverted counterpart. This fits. And while INTPs are quite often scholars, ISTPs are often quite clever but not really interested in academic knowledge. THey are more about doing stuff. They still think a lot, but in a quite animalistic way. Which really seems to fit Durza. ISTP can be scary. Really scary. And not just the psycho ISTP hitman in movies. I am an ENTJ, neither my type not I are known for easily being scared of people. But I would never pick an fight with an ISTP unless there is no other way. They never stop once they are on a mission.



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