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This is a discussion on Disney MBTI within the Guess the type forums, part of the What's my personality type? category; Phineas and Ferb (how did I not think of this??): Phineas: ENTP Ferb: INTJ Perry: ESTP Candace: ENFJ Dr. Doofensmirtz: ...

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    Phineas and Ferb (how did I not think of this??):

    Phineas: ENTP
    Ferb: INTJ
    Perry: ESTP
    Candace: ENFJ
    Dr. Doofensmirtz: INFP
    Isabella: ENFP
    Buford: ESFP
    Baljeet: ISTJ
    The mom: ESTJ
    The dad: ISFP
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    Quote Originally Posted by CorgiGirl View Post
    Woody: ISTJ
    Buzz: ENTJ
    Rex: ISFJ
    Bo Peep: ISFJ
    Slinky: ISFP
    Mr. Potato Head: ESTJ
    Sid: INTP
    Andy: ENFP
    Woody is probably F, not sure about Rex and Buzz, and Sid seems more ISTP to me, but otherwise seems right.

    Quote Originally Posted by KateMarie999 View Post
    Lilo: ENFP
    Nani: ENFJ
    Stitch: ESFP
    Jumbaa: ISTP
    Pleakley: ESFJ
    That random galactic space leader they keep talking to: INTJ
    Yep Lilo is probably ENFP, I really don't know about Nani and Stitch (they would be interesting to figure out though), and Jumbaa really seemed more xNTP to me.

    Phineas: ENTP
    Finally an ENTP Disney protagonist...... but wait just a second, do we really see his aux. function that clearly yet? He is only 9 after all.... he might just be a pure ENP at this point.

    Ferb: INTJ
    Not sold on him being NJ, definitely I and T though. Maybe IxTP.

    Perry: ESTP
    I thought ISTx but this could work too.

    Candace: ENFJ
    ESFJ, and obsessively and hopelessly opposed to Phineas's Ne Reality-Cheating ways...

    Dr. Doofensmirtz: INFP
    Hmmm, maybe, actually. Perceiving at the least ;)

    Quote Originally Posted by JungyesMBTIno View Post
    The Princess and the Frog:
    Tiana: ESTJ (painstaking Si user, haha)
    Naveen: ESTP
    I saw Tiana as ESTJ too (delightfully crashing the pattern of the Disney ENFP protagonist and princess with her more grounded nature).... but I've also seen all sorts of typings assigned to her. So waiting for this one to be challenged...

    Quote Originally Posted by JungyesMBTIno View Post
    I don't see this. All of the songs she sings are like the ultimate reflection of her Ne dom nature (she wants something grand and novel, but doesn't know what - it's interesting really...even her approach to falling in love with the Beast is exactly this). There is a very good discussion thread about this on the ENFP forum where some people pointed this out. As an Ni dom, I don't get Ni from her at all. Both her and her father have the flighty nature associated with dominant Ne, which makes them look like they're "insane" to the villagers. I never see the deep-thinking, perspective shifting occurring with her that's often a major characteristic of Ni doms - she seems to need to actually experience change for herself rather than alter any aspect of her perspectives.
    So I'm not crazy in seeing that whole opening sequence, and perhaps even the whole movie, as pure Ne-dominance on her part? Good to know ;)

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    A Bug's Life (a movie I just watched so it's fresh in my mind)

    Flik: INFP
    Atta: ESTJ
    Queen: ISFP
    Dot: ENFP

    Have fun with the circus characters. I can't remember their names but they're also tricky to type.
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    ISFJ - The Nurturers

    Quote Originally Posted by CorgiGirl View Post

    Woody: ISTJ
    Buzz: ENTJ
    Rex: ISFJ
    Bo Peep: ISFJ
    Slinky: ISFP
    Mr. Potato Head: ESTJ
    Sid: INTP
    Andy: ENFP
    Just a little revising;
    Woody is definitely on the XSTJ spectrum. Whether he is an I or an E may be debatable. I feel that he is an ESTJ though. He is very outspoken with all of the toys and is very comfortable with organizing everybody by telling them how to do things (extroverted-thinking being served by introverted sensing.)

    Buzz is an ISTP. Buzz is clearly dominated by what logical thoughts and what makes sense to him (introverted thinking) rather than a standard of morals or ethics (feeling). Then once he he knows something, he acts on it and dives into doing something with it (extroverted sensing) rather than explore all the options it allows (intuition). He is much less concerned with organizing the outside world than he is with his internal world.

    Rex is tricky, he could be an ISFJ; He knows that there is a heirarchy with the rest of the toys (with Woody on top, expressive of Rex's introverted sensing) and is very concerned with staying in them and appeasing everyone (extroverted feeling). Actually, it's kind of ridiculous how much I see of myself in Rex; I don't think I could be sincerely scary if I wanted to either.

    Bo-Beep; Let's see, Bo-Peep is very playful and mischievous and, a word I like to describe my ISFP sister as, impish in connecting with Woody that seems a little out of bounds of formality (with her cane and the mistletoe.) Something seems very idealistic about her. I don't think I have any cognitive-expressive evidence as to why, but I'm going to type her as an INFP.

    Next, Slinky. I've heard ISFJ for Slinky, and I do see this, but that hasn't felt right. So I'm going to suggest the same functions in a different order. I see similarities between him and my INTP sister, which may fit. He's led by a dominant introverted thinking process of what makes sense, but is more passive with the information than Buzz is, which may be expressive of extroverted intuition. I don't really know about slinky. That's a tricky one, but there's two possibilities; ISFJ or INTP.

    Mr Potato Head: Definitely extroverted thinking dominant. Which makes him immediately an EXTJ. But does he use introverted intuition (seeing the overall picture and the possibilities) or does he use introverted sensing (going off of procedure and detail?) I'm going to say He's an ENTJ; he is very quick to accuse Woody when Buzz goes over the window and the scene where Woody is in Sid's room; so, ENTJ.

    Sid; ? I have to determine what he is motivated by, then we can determine a dominant function. ISTP or ESTP? Again, no real evidence, but those are my best guesses. I may come back to him.
    Buzz may be an ESTP as well...Dang it! I'll look at him again too. I'm pretty sure he is an ISTP though.

    Any is very much so an ENFP. Giving his toy's personalities and acting out different scenarios. Actually, he and my brother are very much alike again, my brother is an ENFP as well. So I agree with you on that one.

    Here's some you missed;
    Ham is probably an INTJ. He shares a lot of common traits with Mr. Potato Head, and he seems most like my Mom, who is also an INTJ (wow, I think I have identified every member of my family into one of these characters in some way shape or form). He seeks for clarity (introverted intuition) before organization (extroverted thinking.)

    Army Commander; ESTJ very simple; by the book, follows chain of command, sense of honor, driven by efficiency and structure.

    And then Movies two and three;
    Jessie; ESFP. Lives for experiences and guided by sense of fun and what's right to her.

    Mrs. Potato Head; ESFJ. Need I say more? The whole caring for others (extroverted feeling.)

    Lotso Huggin Bear; probably an ENTJ. Driven for control and organization (extroverted thinking) through a system that he created to put himself on top (introverted intuition

    Post typing; it's been a while typing this so let me give some revisions I'll consider;
    Woody may be an ISTJ. It all depends on if he is led by introverted sensing or extroverted thinking first. I'm still with ESTJ.
    Mr. Potato Head may actually be an ENTP; he actually doesn't have that much a need for structure as I thought he did. I'm actually changing Mr. Potato Head to an ENTP.

    Ham seems more like an INTP now too, but I'm not sure.
    Slinky has also become more ambiguous too (he could be an ISFP,) but I think I said he already was.

    Let's talk about those one's: Ham, Slinky and Sid. I couldn't think of anything for the Prospector from Toy Story 2, so let's throw him in there as well.
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    INTP - The Thinkers

    Belle is a construct of "dreamer child idealistic thing", so she randomly portrays "infp" and randomly portrays "infj".
    Of course you're going to see Fe when she interacts, that function is very stereotypical associated with women.
    Of course you're going to see Ne, that's the most common iNtuitive function in general (ie it's what SJs have... plus I believe Disney himself was an Ne dom, so it kinda bled over into the ideals of the company)
    If I actually had to type her, I'd go with INFP, since her internal dream world seems more rationalized as apposed to perceived (ie I see an Fi dominant).
    The beast, judging from the very opening of the movie, I would guess is a Te dominant, and later as the beast you see a lot of his Fi coming out (ergo he starts acting like an ISFP or something). He is very, very FORCEFUL, which would suggest Te somewhere higher than fourth place.
    My .02

    Oh and looking at some old ones:
    Cinderella: ISFJ and INFJ (she's depicted as both at the same time as far as I can tell)
    Aurora: Some combination of F and N, like belle she floats around being "dreamy"
    Snow white: ESFJ.

    Part of the fun in analyzing some of these characters is seeing both how culture changes them, and what happens when a group of people make the character... and it comes out confused

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    ISFJ - The Nurturers

    Quote Originally Posted by KateMarie999 View Post
    A Bug's Life (a movie I just watched so it's fresh in my mind)

    Flik: INFP
    Atta: ESTJ
    Queen: ISFP
    Dot: ENFP

    Have fun with the circus characters. I can't remember their names but they're also tricky to type.
    Oohh! Me and my sister would have fun with this!
    But first,

    Flick: Why INFP? He seems much more extroverted, and a need to tinker with things; but ENTP sounds WAY too wrong. ENFP? Sure, there's my guess.

    Atta: I'm going more with ISTJ. Very driven by an unhealthy inferior extroverted intuition and not so comfortable controlling large groups of people, again attributed to a lack of extroverted intuition for scope.

    The queen: INTJ. Much more confident looking at and controlling the big picture and groups of people.

    Dot: I'm thinking ISFP. She's kinda the picked on one and is driven by a greater concept of what's right and acting on them rather than looking at all the possibilities and how she feels about each one. Plus, she reminds me of my sister.

    New ones!
    Hopper: ESTJ? Definitely EXTJ of some sort. He doesn't seem completely intuitive and inventive in his control though. Let's say ESTJ.

    Molt (Hopper's brother): Tricky... very tricky... ISFJ? Let me think, he doesn't seem driven for control (negative Te), more concerned with others approval (positive Fe) operates in the system and worries about stepping out of it (dominant Si), yep! ISFJ is the fit. I'm an ISFJ, I should know.
    Now let's get to those circus characters!

    Slim: ISTJ. Very annoyed when others step out of line (Si) and seeks to correct those closes to him while staying within the heirarchy (Te.)

    Heimlich: Hhmm... ESFJ? ENFJ? Let's see; temperament seems that of an NF, driven by a desire to be accepted, let's say ENFJ.

    Francis: ESTP? Very picky about being a lady bug, but still manly (insult threatens his logical understanding) mostly impulsive and reactive and outspoken as well.

    Manny (Pray-mantis): Temperament seems that of an NT. I'm going to go with INTP. Views his work as an art, but driven by concepts. Much like my INTP sister who is a lighting designer.

    Gypsy Moth: Temperament (or aura, vibe, whatever) matches that of an NF, also views work as an art, but more idealistic and driven by how something feels. Let's say INFP, but there room for compromise.

    Rosie: ESFJ? Very maternal of Dim (the beatle), and very routine. ESFJ seems to match.

    Tuck and Roll: Fun characters, tricky to type. Which one's which? I'm drawing a blank. I may come back to them at some point.

    P.T. Flea: Extroverted thinking dominant, aided by a standard way of doing something, doesn't organize things effeciently, lets say ESTJ like Hopper, almost.

    Dim: Not much character there, but lets see what we can get; simple and feeling, obviously, let's say ISFJ. Seems loyal and caring for his friends.

    So yeah, Tuck and Roll are the only one's that I can't get a grip on. So let's pull one out of the hat and say there both ESFPs, in a very simplified manner, much in the same way that Dim is.
    Flick is still a tricky one too. I'm still not convinced that he is any of the one's I said.

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    INFP - The Idealists

    Well the thing about Disney movies is characters always show two distinct personas, it is often the case with all movies, but particularly these coming-of-age stories that Disney often does. They always seem much more 'dreamy' and childlike at the beggining and often are more bound to rules or to one thing (whatever that may be) but whatever it is that defines them in the beginning always changes them and allows them to adapt to the new environment.

    I think in Belle's case she seems INFP,talking so much time to show others she loves books and to dream etc. But can be really forceful and stand up for herself when need be. Seeming more INFJ. In a way Disney characters aren't allowed moments of weakness where they could potentially do something un-princess/prince like, they have to be on best behaviour at all times and adapt to whatever is happening. They need to be heroic, they are heroic, there is rarely moments of hesitation, they need to be warm, they are warm, no questioning or defiance, they need to be tough, they will do it, they never question themselves.

    I suppose it helps the narrative move along if the protaganist kind of adapts to whatever is happening but I always like the kind of stories where people have a large range of emotions at different times in the story. At least the Beast gets quite an arc in terms of his character. I would say a very angry INTJ at the start, but every little moment/ thing surprises him and we see how and it softens him slightly. He becomes more INFJ because of Belle, he re-connects with his staff and becomes friendlier again. Then when he becomes a prince he is suddenly very outgoing and energetic, coming across as ENFJ.

    Alot of thetime I think it is actually the love interests who have bigger arcs/growth in the stories than the heroes/heroines. I mean look at Hercules, his story was a fairly basic zero to hero story, demi-God becomes real God story. It is a classic but Meg's story was actually about accepting the idea of having someone in her life again and realising she has the strength to fall in love with someone again, despite the fact she is fearful of being hurt again because of how deeply she feels for Hercules.

    To me I think that Hercules was just as much a hero as soon as he went to Thebes as he was at theend, albeit he wasn't in love at the start. Similarly I think Belle already knew before she got to the castle that love is found on th einside, not by appearances. She didn't need a Beast to tell her that.What I am getting at is while the heroes have pretty clear personalties at the start, they can kind of adapt to any situation like superheores (which is why I guess they are the protagonists to some extent) while the love interests have to struggle a bit to become accustomed to having this new person in their life. Having a more life-like growth.

    I do not think this is true of Tarzan and Rapunzel however. Their journeys were much more interesting than their love interests.
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    ENTP - The Visionaries

    Quote Originally Posted by KateMarie999 View Post
    Since my Pooh thread died, how about I extend it to suggesting and discussing the MBTI for any Disney character from any Disney media. This can be any character who is animated or live action or anyone well known who has worked for Disney.

    It would be fun to see what you all come up with for each of the 7 Dwarfs.

    The first five letters! I laughed my arse off at that! haha WOO.

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    ISTJ - The Duty Fulfillers

    Quote Originally Posted by WarriorDreamer View Post
    I do not think this is true of Tarzan and Rapunzel however. Their journeys were much more interesting than their love interests.
    And of Tiana and Naveen, who both got major character development throughout the story. There's a reason why it's one of my favorite disney movies.

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    ENTP - The Visionaries

    Quote Originally Posted by Owfin View Post
    And of Tiana and Naveen, who both got major character development throughout the story. There's a reason why it's one of my favorite disney movies.
    Tiana is ESTJ, not ISTJ...

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