TV show actors MBTI type guesses

TV show actors MBTI type guesses

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This is a discussion on TV show actors MBTI type guesses within the Guess the type forums, part of the What's my personality type? category; ...

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    TV show actors MBTI type guesses

    So I work as a personal assistant for some TV show actors when they're in my country for the weekend.
    And since I'm kinda obsessed with MBTI but really really bad at typing (I just don't understand functions, it won't go in my brain) I thought I'd ask for help from you guys. If you want you can ask me questions about my job/the actors I've worked with in return via DM if you want to.
    So here's the actors I've been wondering about:

    Pretty Little Liars:
    Keegan Allen (he plays multiple instruments, seems introverted to me, is very passionate about the charity he's supporting, a cat person, answered the question if he would like to have a normal life with "absolutely" immediately without thinking about it, loves photography, modest)
    Ian Harding (seems extroverted to me, easily exciteable, is a very loving boyfriend, likes complicated card games and literature)
    Sasha Pieterse (seems introverted)
    Janel Parrish

    Arrow/The Flash:
    Colton Haynes (seems extroverted, likes to talk and exaggerate at least a little, gossiper)
    Paul Blackthorne (seems extroverted, likes to take photos to have memories of everything happening, gets shit done)
    Rick Cosnett (seems introverted, loves his family)
    Greg Finley (seems introverted)

    Sebastian Roché (seems extroverted)
    Osric Chau
    Mark Pellegrino
    Kim Rhodes
    Travis Aaron Wade

    Teen Wolf:
    Dylan O'Brien (seems introverted)

    The Vampire Diaries:
    Ian Somerhalder (seems extroverted)
    Michael Malarkey (seems introverted)
    Nathaniel Buzolic (seems extroverted)
    Paul Wesley

    Of course you can also use the thread to ask about other TV show actors, but I'd be really glad if someone could help me out with those :) The people I named first are the ones I'm most curious about. I put in brackets as much as I could think of, but my brain is mushy right now.

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    I think Ian Somerhalder is an ESFJ. But I am not sure about S part though. But he is warm, organized, energetic, sympathetic and controlling. He is an idealist that is loved by anothers. And he has his own foundation, he cares about the world. Yet you can sense he has the tendency to go over-controlling sometimes. So, it sounds pretty ESFJ to me.

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    Keegan sounds like an INFP to me


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