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This is a discussion on Video game characters personalities within the Guess the type forums, part of the What's my personality type? category; Danganronpa (don't open it if you want to play the game but haven't yet, it's full of spoilers)   (first ...

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    Danganronpa (don't open it if you want to play the game but haven't yet, it's full of spoilers)

    (first game):

    Makoto Naegi: ISFJ
    Kiyoko Kirigiri: INTJ
    Aoi Asahina: ESFJ
    Yasuhiro Hagakure: ENTP
    Toko Fukawa: INxP
    Byakuya Togami: ENTJ
    Junko Enoshima: ENFP
    Ikusaba Mukuro: ISTJ
    Sayaka Maizono: ENFJ
    Leon Kuwata: ESxP
    Chihiro Fujisaki: INFx
    Mondo Oowada: ESTP
    Hifumi Yamada: ENTP
    Kiyotaka Ishimaru: ESTJ
    Celestia Ludenberg: INTJ
    Sakura Oogami: ISFJ
    Monokuma: ENTP

    (second game):

    Hajime Hinata: ISTJ
    Nagito Komaeda: xNFP
    Chiaki Nanami: INTP
    Akane Owari: ESFP
    Fuyuhiko Kuzuryuu: ISTP
    Kazuichi Soda: an SP. I don't really understand which.
    Sonia Nevermind: ENFJ
    Twogami: INFJ
    Teruteru Hanamura: ESFP
    Mahiru Koizumi: ESFJ
    Peko Pekoyama: IxTJ
    Hiyoko Saionji: ESFJ
    Ibuki Mioda: ESFP
    Mikan Tsumiki: ISFJ
    Nekomaru Nidai: ENFJ
    Gundham Tanaka: ISxP
    Monomi: ESFJ
    Izuru Kamukura: INTJ

    Some characters from the Samurai Warriors/Sengoku Musou series (those I remember):

    Yukimura Sanada: ESFJ
    Kunoichi: ESFP
    Oda Nobunaga: xNTJ
    Shingen Takeda: ENTJ
    Masamune Date: ENTJ
    Ranmaru Mori: ISFJ
    Hideyoshi Hashiba/Toyotomi Hideyoshi: ENTP
    Tadakatsu Honda: ESTJ
    Ina: ISFJ
    Magoichi Saika: ExTP

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    I guess I'll just stick to typing AI's

    GLaDOS: (I?)NTP
    Wheatley: ENF(J?)

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    ENFP - The Inspirers


    ISxP(most likely ISTP, but a case for ISFP could be made as well-especially if you drop the cutesie Fi act)
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    Bigby Wolf-ISTP or ISTJ depending on how you play it.

    Master Chief-ISTP Action hero and the silent protagonist
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    Starcraft 2, played through it, not too long ago
    James Raynor - ESTJ 8w9 6w7 2w3
    Kerrigan - hmmm 8w7 for sure, maybe ENTP?
    Matt Horner - ESFJ 6w5
    Mira Han - ENTP 7w8
    Tychus Findlay - ISTP 7w8 sociopath
    Arcturus Mensk - ENTJ 8w7 with NPD
    Gabrielle Tosh - ISTP 3w4 a psychopath

    Artanis - ENFJ 6w7
    Karak - INTP 5w6
    Alarak - ESTP 8w7 psychopath
    Zeratul - ESFP 4w5

    Zerg - They're all autistic & sociopathic; Weird bunch
    Abathar - INTP 5w4
    Dehaka - ESTP 3w2
    Iszha - ESFJ 9w1
    Zagara - ESTJ 3w2
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    Unknown Personality

    Chrono Trigger!

    Crono: IxxP
    Marle: ESFP
    Lucca: eNTP
    Frog: ISFJ
    Robo: INFP
    Ayla: ESTP
    Magus: iNTJ
    Schala: INFx

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    Quote Originally Posted by something clever View Post
    Chrono Trigger!

    Crono: IxxP
    Marle: ESFP
    Lucca: eNTP
    Frog: ISFJ
    Robo: INFP
    Ayla: ESTP
    Magus: iNTJ
    Schala: INFx
    Love Chrono Trigger

    Chrono - ISTP 9w8 strong silent type
    Marle - ESFP 3w2
    Lucca - ENTP 5w4
    Frog - ISTJ 1w2 the epitomy of a duty fulfiller
    Robo - ISFJ 2w1...INFP/INTP can work but 2w1 all the way
    Ayla - ESTP 8w7
    Magus - INTJ 3w4
    Schala - INFJ 4w5

    Yakra? (Chancellor) - ENTJ 3w4
    Ozzie - ESTJ 8w7
    Flea - ESFP 8w7
    Slash - ISTP 8w9
    That dude in the future with the bike races - ESTP 7w8
    Dalton - ESTP 3w4
    Gaspar the Guru - INTP 9w1
    Zeal - ENFJ 3w4
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    GTA Protagonists

    Claude (GTA 3): ISTP
    Tommy Vercetti (Vice City): ESTP
    Carl Johnson (San Andreas): ISxP
    Toni Cipriani (Liberty City Stories): ISTJ?
    Victor Vance (Vice City Stories): ESTP
    Niko Bellic (GTA IV): ISFP
    Johnny Klebitz (The Lost and Damned): ESTP
    Luis Fernando Lopez (The Ballad of Gay Tony): ESTP
    Michael De Santa (GTA V): ENTJ
    Trevor Philips (GTA V): ESFP
    Franklin Clinton (GTA V): ISTP

    Yes, they're almost all SPs...

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    Lara Croft is not a Feeler:


    ISTPs have an adventuresome spirit. They are attracted to motorcycles, airplanes, sky diving, surfing, etc. They thrive on action, and are usually fearless. ISTPs are fiercely independent, needing to have the space to make their own decisions about their next step. They do not believe in or follow rules and regulations, as this would prohibit their ability to "do their own thing". Their sense of adventure and desire for constant action makes ISTPs prone to becoming bored rather quickly.
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    Honestly I think Lara Croft in Tomb Raider (2013) is most likely an ISFP... she makes decisions based on her own feelings (Fi).

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