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    I'm playing through The House in Fata Morgana again and I need to vent my fanboy so I'm gonna type its characters!

    Michel - INTP 6w5 sp/sx
    Giselle - ESFJ ?w? sx/so
    Morgana - ISFJ 2w1 so/sp
    The White-Haired Girl - INFJ 9w1 so/sx
    Mell - ISFJ 2w1 sp/sx
    Nellie - ESFP 7w6 sx/sp
    Bestia - ISTP 8w7 sp/sx
    Pauline - ENFJ ?w? sx/so
    Javi - ISTJ 6w5 sp/so
    Jacopo - INTJ 3w4 sp/sx
    Maria - ESFP ?w? so/sp
    Didier - xSTJ 1w9 so/sp
    Georges - ESFP 4w3 so/sx
    Aimee - ESTJ 8w7 so/sp
    Ceren - ESFP 7w6 so/sp
    Barnier - ESTP 3w2 sp/sx

    Bear in mind I'm not very good at enneatyping people so at least some of these enneatypes are probably inaccurate.
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    anyone do life is strange yet? if not then:

    chloe - entp

    max - infp

    warren - enfp

    rachel - esfp or entj

    just to mention there's a prequel to the game and thats why i put chloe's type as entp bus she seemed like one (especially an unhealthy one) in that game and rachel seemed like an entj

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    TES IV: Oblivion
    Martin Septim: INFJ
    Adoring Fan: ENFP
    Uriel Septim: INFJ
    Sheogorath: ENTP
    Thadon: ENFP
    Syl: INTJ
    Dyus: INTP
    Haskill: ISTJ
    Mazoga: ESFP
    Gray Fox: ENTJ
    Hieronymus Lex: ESTJ
    Modern Oreyn: ISTJ
    Vilena Donton: ESFJ
    Lucien Lachance: INFJ
    Mankar Camoran: ENTJ
    Mannimarco: INTJ
    Grey Prince: ESTP
    Janus Hassildor: INTJ
    Raminus Polus: ENFJ
    Arch-Mage Traven: ISFJ
    Burz-Gro-Khash: ESTJ
    Farwil Indarys: ESFP
    Umbaccano: ENTJ
    Jauffre: ISTJ
    Glarthir: ENFP

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    TES V: Skyrim
    Balgruuf: ESFJ
    Farengar: INTP
    Irileth: ISTJ
    Paarthurnax: INFJ
    Alduin: ENTJ
    Sheogorath: ENXP
    Elenwen: INTJ
    Sanguine: ESFP
    Aela: ISTP
    Serana: ISFP
    Harkon: ENTJ
    Valeria: INTJ
    J'Zargo: ENTP
    Ancano: INTJ
    Tolfdir: ISFJ
    Brynjolf: ENFJ
    Karliah: ISTJ
    Mercer Frey: ESTP
    Mjoll: ESFJ
    Muiri: INFP
    Ysolda: ISFP
    Camilla Valerius: ENFP
    Tullius: ESTJ
    Ulfric: ENTJ
    Miraak: ENTJ
    Legate Rikke: ISTJ
    Cicero: ENTP
    Maven Black-Briar: ENTJ

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