Still struggling for my Head fix

Still struggling for my Head fix

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This is a discussion on Still struggling for my Head fix within the Head Triad - Types 5,6,7 forums, part of the Enneagram Personality Theory Forum category; Hey there, A while ago, I made a post about being unsure about what my head fix could be. For ...

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    Type 4w5

    Still struggling for my Head fix

    Hey there,

    A while ago, I made a post about being unsure about what my head fix could be. For a while I was toying with the idea of being a 6 fix because of my tendency to be sensitive to the opinions of others and afraid of the unknown. Then I thought about a 5 fix because it reflects my tendency to crave separation from other and isolation. Finally, I settled on 7 for my habit of relentless joking around and priotizing pleasure before duty.

    Nevertheless, I'm absolutely sure about being a core 4. Envy is constantly seeping through my pores and I frequently long for things inaccessible at the moment. I also believe 9 to be my gut fix and probably coming second in order. I'm also a quite strong 5 wing so that may complicate the elimination process between the head types. On top of that, I'm also a social 4, so that may makes me look like a 6 sometimes.

    On the 5 fix:
    I mostly spend my free time on the computer trying to learn as much as possible on a variety of topics about the human world. I have a very intuitive mind that has a hard time to translate thoughts into sensible sentences. I'm more attuned to theories and symbolism than actual facts (I'm also an intuitive on the MBTI, so that might be the reason why). I spend a very large amount of time in my head trying to refine my knowledge on esoteric subjects like astrology, mbti, numerology, tarot, etc. I love to make patterns and new concepts out of known information. I hate going outside, I really do. I feel drained and crave my own intimacy to a point when I can be cranky and easily tired.

    On the 6 fix:
    The thing is, I don't relate much to the fear of being separate from others in a 6 way, that is I don't want people to be on my side and protect/guide me. Yes, I am afraid of being harmed, but I'm not always aware of the danger that my decisions might entail. I do sometimes anticipate danger, but more in a tragic, dark novel-like way, and on a more grander scale, like World Wars and the likes. I can be verbally curt and aggressive to someone but the emotion doesn't usually seem to stem from a way to defend myself against a threat. I usually react that way when I feel belittled or humiliated about my knowledge of a specific subject. Working in costumer service left me with a lot of opportunities let my anger flare up when I couldn't get respect. Basically, it's more a Heart center problem I think(?) Finally, I'm not very systematic and inductive/deductive in my thinking, as would a 6 be.

    On the 7 fix:
    I love free time and I couldn't say no to more fun. But my free time is mostly spent alone, away from loud noise and excitement. I also tend to be ambivalent to new gadgets and technology, relying instead on my old stuff. I'm not that positive and tend to be annoyed by too much positivity. On the other side, I love to joke and play overblown stereotypes to my few friends. I anticipate the futur sometimes, but not in a consistent hopeful/pessimistic way. I also don't identify with the variety-seeking/more is better of the type. I love dwelling deeper into my fields of interest, however wide they be. I could be interested in the enneagram for weeks and weeks, trying to know as much as possible about it. I like only on or two genres of video games and I want to have extensive knowledge of a game's universe. I also would sacrifice financial security for more freedom.

    Thanks in advance for any input!

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    Type 5w6

    Alright. Do you know your MBTI type? If yes, which is? Which is the order of the centres in your tritype (Heart/Head/Body or Heart/Body/Head?)? Which are your main goals/purposes and fears? In particular, you fear more: 1. being helpless and inadequate 2.being without support or guidance 3.deprivation and pain?

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    Type 4w5

    Thanks for your quick reply, Deithwen

    I'm INFP. My (most likely) order for my centres are Heart/Body/Head, giving the potential tritypes 495, 496 or 497.

    Being a heavy 5 wing, I do feel being helpless and inadequate to be a major hindrance to my wellbeing and psychological evolution. I just look a slightly bit too extraverted sometimes to fit the supposedly extreme introversion of the 459 tritype. I just don't know if it's because of the potential wing 5 disintegration to 7 (do wings integrate/disintegrate like core types?) I fear being in a room of people sharing knowledge of a subject that I don't know much about. It's even worse when it's a field that I consider myself to be well-versed. I do have preconcieved ideas about my need to be very knowledgable in some subjects in order to be at ease in my environment. I would even deliberately avoid learning about a subject if I know that someone would correct me. I even resisted for years writing about topics that I like in online forums like this one in fear that someone would correct me for my bad grammar in English (it's not my native language). And don't even start about speaking it; I remember being mortifed when I was 12 yo because someone asked me directions in English in the streets. I was so afraid of making a mistake that I said nothing. Even in my own language sometimes, I struggle to speak easily because I don't know how to make my thoughts intelligible.

    As for the 6 fix, I did fear novelty for as long as I can remember. I couldn't take the bus alone before 12 and buying something by myself was unsettling. I was a bit sheltered as a kid and about half of my family are sixes on the enneagram. The world was horrifying sometimes and I'm still struggling to feel safe in newer environments like work and vacations. In a way, writing those lines made me realise that I did not had much support or guidance from my parents, who were pretty much working and doing house chores for the most time. I did have to figure things out myself and most of the time felt a bit out of place at home. So, the best thing was to retreat in my imaginary world and let my fear of the outside world slowly increasing.

    Finally, the 7 wing is too novelty-seeking with a devil-may-care attitude for me. I love freedom, but more because it gives me a solid ground for expressing my creativity and individuality. I do have a wild imagination and a soothing demeanor associated with the 479 tritype, but that double positive outlook is too much rainbows and sunshine for me. I have a tendency to be scatterbrained and flighty because I find the present situation boring, but it's because I'm not talking about my interests. If I have an opportunity to do so, you can bet that I will be an unstoppable babbling machine rambling about the Enneagram, astrology, numerology, etc. for hours.

    Anyways, after some reflexion, I may wager on 495 more than the other twos.

    What do you think?

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    Type 5w6

    About integration/disintegration of the wings, only the core type integrates/disinteggrates, so the wings doesn't. That said, I think you are a 5 or a 6, probably a 5. The 7 description sounds more like a Ne(and you have high Ne) + 4core description; it's true, 7 is very often associated with Ne, but they aren't the same thing: 7 has motives and fears, it's a behaviour, while Ne is a cognitive function, it's more abstract in a certain sense and it's about cognition/way of thinking.
    The reasons why I think you are a 5 more than a 6 are the following (random order):
    - The fear that I see more is that of the type 5. The need of feeling competent before making a decision or even just talking about a certain topic is very 5ish
    - You seem more prone to isolation than to be in a group. 6s usually strive to be part of a group to feel more secure (especially phobic 6s). The sentence "I don't want people to be on my side and protect/guide me", in particular, speaks for itself in this sense
    - I thought you had Ti (that's why I've asked for your type); you actually don't have it, but the 5 fix could explain why I thought you had it
    - "I love dwelling deeper into my fields of interest, however wide they be. I could be interested in the enneagram for weeks and weeks, trying to know as much as possible about it. I like only on or two genres of video games and I want to have extensive knowledge of a game's universe. I also would sacrifice financial security for more freedom"
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    Type 4w5

    Thank you for your comment :) I appreciate it.
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    Type 4w3

    From what I read, I'd eliminate 496 right-away.

    Doesn't look like there's a lot of 7 in your description either.

    To discriminate between 495 and 497, I'd ask you about suggestibility...

    Do you tend to easily follow people who suggest new experiences ?

    Like "hey, wanna go on a fishing trip with the guys right now?" Assuming you don't usually go to fishing trips but you don't hate them either, and the guys aren't total strangers nor your best buddies...

    A social 479 archetype would tend to say "uh okay let's go"... and really go along unless he really has something much better to do.
    A social 495 archetype would tend to say "hmm uuuuuuhhhh yeah why not"... and finally not go along, unassumingly (not returning phone calls, escaping before everybody gathers, coming up with a fake "other stuff to do")

    Of course it's more subtle than a core 7 vs a core 5 but you get the idea...
    In such an example, the social 4w5 dominance would generate some type of social anxiety. The 7-fix would help alleviate some of it thanks to the planned excitement, the 5-fix would add some claustrophobia on top of it.

    Not sure of the amount of impact it could have on the final decision though... what do you think?

    EDIT : I re-read your paragraph about 7, I don't think it would fit... My money on 5 :)
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    Type 4w5

    I think you're right on the money, JpKoff. :)

    My so loves going places and I can't seem to enjoy going out as much as him or pretty much the majority of people.
    Just thinking about going abroad or any far away regions is giving me anxiety. I did a lot last minute escapism with my friends, even when I was a kid. I prefer the company of my own imagination or my precious computer :P

    Anyways thank you for your input :)

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    Type 7w8

    I can relate so much, and i am an u decided 5 or 7 because of similar considerations :(

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    Have you read the descriptions from this thread? They really helped me to solidify that I'm a 164.

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    Type 7w8

    If it were about your core type I’d say you might be a 5 with a personality or mental(!) energy of a 7, but not as actively engaged and on the go as a 7 would be, so that would seem like a 5 for your head type. But since you are a 4, plus 9, making it already double withdraw, then it may be what a 7 looks like when it’s a 3rd part of such a tritype?

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