Monday Survival Hacks

Monday Survival Hacks

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This is a discussion on Monday Survival Hacks within the Health and Fitness forums, part of the Topics of Interest category; ......yawn. It's Monday again. *cue birds singing and teens groaning* what better way to start a monday than with a ...

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    Monday Survival Hacks

    It's Monday again. *cue birds singing and teens groaning*

    what better way to start a monday than with a freshly brewed cup o' joe, am i right?

    Maybe. But I'm currently trying to wean myself from my severe caffeine love affair. I am deficient of motivation and 'kick', hence this thread.
    What are your tips for surviving the start of the week? The Monday slump. The 'I repeatedly whacked my noggin against a concrete wall and I am suffering greatly' feeling.

    I am not looking to hear that I should wake up at 0530 and exercise because I'll feel SO GOOD. Get realistic, people. Eat an apple at 0930 I can do. Change my lifestyle for the better? eeeeeehhhh.....

    Words of encouragement are encouraged. Puns and bad jokes are acceptable.

    bring it on, folks
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    It's Monday, again. To me it means I survived another weekend and thank god for that!

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    I don't wanna be that person, but stretching in the morning can actually help a lot with getting started for the day ... routines also help, let's say skincare routines for example.

    Prepare yourself something nice to eat for breakfast the day before so you have something to look forward to in the morning. Pack all your things and pick your outfit the night before.
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    Have you ever considered guided meditations? The option may give you the boost needed to jump into the day. Currently, I use an app called Insight Timer that provides guided meditations, music, and talks. The talks can actually be quite hilarious and inspiring to place you in a good mood, which may also assist you in forgetting about the Monday blues! Just remember that the mind can be hacked when the drive is there. Good luck to you in overcoming your mountain. Also, coffee is delicious ;D
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    Coffee is really nice in the morning ^_^
    I also like to drink ginger tea and a glass of water before eating anything, and sometimes eating an apple, then having a light breakfast and a cup of coffee

    Also morning is such a great time to do stretching exercises, like it was mentioned, and listening to some good high spirit music.

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    New week, new possibilities. I like Mondays because I can plan out the week))

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    Go get you some Caramel Apple Hostess cupcakes.. Or the Pumpkin Spice Hostess Twinkies...Or that gourmet candy corn that comes in different flavors...Or get some Apple Cider...Or those gourmet caramel apples they sell at Safeway that are dipped in chocolate or various flavors...

    One thing we're good at in the United States is consuming way too many calories...Then go take a 5 mile walk in the evening...It all evens out in the end if you eat healthy otherwise....


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