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Why going vegan might not be a good idea

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This is a discussion on Why going vegan might not be a good idea within the Health and Fitness forums, part of the Topics of Interest category; Originally Posted by Feliz NaviDON'T Criticize me all you want, you have every right to do so. In fact I ...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Feliz NaviDON'T View Post
    Criticize me all you want, you have every right to do so. In fact I think everyone ought to be criticized. But we can deflect criticism all we want. Humans are defensive and fragile minded and of course I'll lash out if I feel attacked because that's just basic self preservation. Humans aren't nearly as rational as we think we are.

    And the problem with comparing recycling to veganism is that you're talking about is something you failed or forgot to do and want to improve, something relatively trivial as opposed to something perceived in the mind as a loss of something of value.

    If you nag me enough I'll recycle and use less plastic because that comes at no real loss and it props up my ego. That would be adding something into my life as opposed to subtracting something, aka basic positive vs negative reinforcement in psychology.

    "Passionate", that's quite the euphism. By "personal ethics" I mean your own idea of ethics, vs someone elses. As in, everyone views the world through a different lens. My red may not be your red, maybe I have blue and orange morality as opposed to black and white, or I'm interally screaming and threw half my morals out the window. Maybe I don't live my life based on someone elses' cliche sayings, I don't blindly accept every saying just because its a saying. And since I said everyone ought to be criticized, i'll take the opportunity now to heckle whoever came up with that nugget of a quote.

    "Well why don't you keep your big nose away from my flailing arms, nerd!"

    "Says the one who is very nosy"

    Or something like that.

    Vegan isn't a diet, its an ethical stance not to support animal cruelty. Diet is just one aspect of a person's lifestyle but for most vegans I've talked to its arbitrarily their only real focus.

    Nutritional research and science changes every decade. All we know for certain is that the ideal diet is a varied and "real" diet, real as in something that was once alive whether that be plant or animal. Artificial stuff is usually horrible.

    And I don't care about the vegan cause. If I did, I'd already be a vegan, duh. PETA gave an ultimatum that you can't be an animal lover and still eat meat. If thats the way it has to be then so be it, I don't love animals. I'd sooner eat animals out of sheer spite than let a PETA tell me what to do. They can take my bacon away when they pry it from my cold dead hands.
    It's not "arbitrary"...unlike religion it's concrete and requires that you do it in the real world. The only chance for hypocrisy is some weirdo eating a burger in their closet, but thank you to technology, even those who struggle have been facilitated with familiar cultural foods. Apparently the Impossible Burger actually bleeds, I don't know I'm not interested, but yeah good for the murder addicts. Because eating meat is a murder addiction. You eat adrenaline when you eat a stressed dead animal. It's the basis of Hoopers Chainsaw and it subtly influences all of Rob Zombies horror films, he was a vegetarian since high school and a vegan for maybe ten years.

    Veganism protects animals, other humans and the world we live in. It's a very practical display of ethics and has far reaching moral consequences for such a small action. It's being the light you wish to see.

    We are also all different. Veganism is so big now there are the ascetics and the hedonistic, the religious and the atheist, and everything in between. There are those of us who smell like a Grateful Dead concert or Bonaroo, and those who work in high fashion or in tech.

    The main rule of veganism is thou shall not kill. Sure some vegans are more sustainable than others but most of us are automatically more sustainable than meat eaters. Veganism isn't the most you can do it's the least.

    And LOL at giving a Virginia based animal rights organization run by a 70 year old so much power. You'd eat animals just to spite an elderly ENFP? That's the dumbest thing I think I've ever heard. McDonald's has far more capital and intention to brainwash children than PETA.

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    This is a question to ponder for you vegans and petas.

    Let's say all homo sapiens already vegans and stop eating nor killing animals. What would then happen to the whole ecosystem/food chains?

    I don't expect laughable snappy answer showing ignorance and uneducated guesses.

    Sent sans PC

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    I said I was gonna abandon thread but I was just thinking about this the other day. Vegans should focus their attention on taking down the corn industry/lobbyists if they want results. Corn is evil, plus its what enables that cheap sickly meat in the first place.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Feliz NaviDON'T View Post
    Corn is evil
    Hemp is more efficient and versatile...

    It also makes livestock feed. The goats gotta eat something.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Forest Nymph View Post
    Apparently the Impossible Burger actually bleeds, I don't know I'm not interested, but yeah good for the murder addicts. Because eating meat is a murder addiction. You eat adrenaline when you eat a stressed dead animal.
    A burger that bleeds? I'm not sure those are the people worth convincing. Perhaps these companies who are making money by producing plant-based commercial products are worth-while from a commercial/profit view. But why do they need to do so by replicating everything that is wrong?.. It also adds to the myth of plant-based being expensive, as people see the price of things like this and just jump to conclusions, saying, see I can't afford this so therefore I must eat animal meat. It also plays into the Western guilt transfer and how people who are willing to pay for it is where the profit is made - along the line of 3rd world donations corporate companies who are profiting off peoples unconscious concerns, while not actually changing their understanding or concept of the impact of their choices, in that they are responsible for the pain, suffering and all of this is okay so long as they just pay a few extra bucks? meh. I would think money is better spent teaching people who to look after themselves in a sustainable way, but this doesn't do that, it just plays along the lines of mass consumerism and enables the cultures that condone it.. why eat fake meat when I can just go eat the real thing? It doesn't disconnect the person from sensation making it easy to fall backwards.. I realize it's not your solution or idea, but just a gripe of mine.
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