Bad consequences if I do that?

Bad consequences if I do that?

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    Bad consequences if I do that?

    Hi. First 3 steps

    First I don't care about what you think (and i never care about ) if you don't have logical way but sometimes people say shit inspire me very good idea so you can say it

    2 I do for myself because i found that cool to be tall,, not to have woman or another shit I don't really care.

    3 gain 10CM (175cm to 185cm) that take 3 month and 2 or 3 month for 6 month i can use for read books and many others way and i can swim and Bodybuilding.

    So i ask myself on long term life if there is consequences like knees or my leg have problems wwhen i'm old or someting like that because i choose to do that.

    First i want to try the ""Progressive bone lengthening using the Precice® motorized""

    I want to know every studies about that and every others practice can help to do that.

    Thats not a priority in my life but i want to do it one of my projects i have.
    And no i'm not of them guys take his life to do every years a new operation. Only this for my life no more.

    So i'm asking if people know long terme risk or consequences and alternatives.



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