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This is a discussion on The Weight Loss Challenge/Update Thread within the Health and Fitness forums, part of the Topics of Interest category; May as well add my modest success here. I lost 14kg. (6'2). Looking to lose another 10....

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    May as well add my modest success here. I lost 14kg. (6'2). Looking to lose another 10.
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    It's such a great feeling to look in the mirror and instead of thinking "what a fat ugly pos you are" and instead being like

    "damn would actually bang 10/10"

    Or for that matter digging out a t shirt about 5 years old and putting in on and noticing it doesn't cling tightly to the body in a restrictive fashion anymore and just sits comfortably across it.

    I started this journey around 2 years ago to coincide with my moving. It's only in the last 4 months or so that I fully dedicated myself to building muscle and training properly.

    Persistence is key alongside not being too hard on myself for indulging on occasion and maintain a relatively healthy diet with proper portion control.

    I stopped checking my weight now and I have never counted calorie intake.

    If I'm hungry I eat just enough to satiate it. If I'm craving I go for it instead of suppressing it. That way I won't overindulge later.

    I stopped being paranoid about missing a workout day. Just try as best as possible to get in the 5-6 days a week session.

    So happy I did this as not only has it helped my physical health but it positively effects my emotional health as well.

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    I started using and tracking calories and exercise with it. lost 4 pounds and an inch around my waist so far. it's been like a couple weeks so i think I am doing good. haven't been logging in the past few days. better get back on there. what a difference a little exercise makes in your calorie count. been swimming, walking and riding my stationary bike. should really go on it more and for longer.

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    I started around August of last year riding my bike to work (six miles round trip, with hills) and cutting back on bad food. I'm 5'5" ish, was 186.7 pounds. I got down to 179 and some change, then had to get surgery on an ingrown nail in October. Kept having problems with it but it's finally hopefully healed. I started the new year at 176.6 and I added the free 4 week challenge by Jump Rope Dudes to my bike riding. I'll post an update in February when I finish it. I've started to really love how jumping rope makes me feel, especially blended with calisthenics. Best workout for me, hands down, I look forward to it and I'm disappointed when it's over, no matter how tired I am after. I'm ordering their nutrition guide next time I get paid but mostly I've been working on better portions, more veggies, more water, and don't stress.

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