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Best supplement for testosterone and libido (for a male)?

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This is a discussion on Best supplement for testosterone and libido (for a male)? within the Health and Fitness forums, part of the Topics of Interest category; I think this stuff can increase T: Anabolic sleep post-workout/recovery whey protein Basically, anything anabolic or that helps prevent catabolism, ...

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    I think this stuff can increase T:

    Anabolic sleep


    whey protein

    Basically, anything anabolic or that helps prevent catabolism, esp. in combination with weight training.... and adaptogens which help with stress (such as Ashwaganda in Anabolic Sleep, but there are others, for example ginseng). Stress is generally bad for sex hormones, and not just for men. But yeah. Cortisol and test. tend to have an inverse relationship.
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    The best way is to start with your lifestyle. Weight lifting, particularly heavy weight lifting, increases test. Changing your body posture to being more dominant can instantly increase your test. Intermittent fasting increases test and growth hormone. Getting more sleep helps. Reducing stress helps (try vitamin nullifies some of your cortisol in higher doses). Having a lower body fat percentage helps. Having more money, or winning in general, even if it's just watching your favorite sports team win. Stop masturbating. Having sex increases test because busting a nut INSIDE a woman gives you that "winning" feeling, where as busting onto a paper towel gives you more of a losing feeling. Supposedly, creatine can also help. There are unconfirmed accounts of putting ice on your testicles making a difference. I've felt a slight boost from doing that, but I would take that with a grain of salt.

    If you MUST resort to a supplement (and TRUST ME, I know from personal experience that a combination of the things above works MUCH better than any supplement, and is much more cost effective), get something with DAA (d-aspartic acid) in it. But only use it for a couple weeks at a time, because otherwise, it may end up actually starting to decrease your test. All the other test-boost ingredients in those supplements are questionable at best.

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    L-Citrulline - it doesn't increase testosterone, but it increases circulation and sensitivity which can help (like spontaneous erections etc)
    Also anything else that increases NO2. I take 1200mg citrulline for general circulation reasons. Also if there is a choline deficit any choline suppliment can help. phosphatidyl choline, Alpha-GPC, Citi-Choline. they all increase sensitivity and energy levels (in deficit situations.)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Zeri View Post
    Any recommendations for supplements for testosterone and libido in males? Thinking of ordering one for the hubby, who I think good to do with a boost.

    i don't know how it affects testosterone, but i'd look into trying some maca powder. it's really good at raising libido! if you try it make sure you get the gelatinized kind.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Forest Nymph View Post
    Vegan men have 13% higher testosterone than non vegans, according to study:
    That's a correlation.. In no way does that imply direct singular causality.

    In fact, I'd personally guess the relationship is incredibly obvious: people who are vegans are less likely to overindulge in alcohol or be overweight, which naturally will increase their testosterone levels, and most likely exercise more too. Plus when you're using a sample of vegans you're eradicating the vast majority of people who eat fast food.

    Being vegan is more optimal than being average that's true, but knowing about nutrition at a deeper level than words like "vegan" or "cave man" will get you a lot further, and there are plenty of nonvegan, even non-vegie protein heavy, diets which will take you further, it's just that this is also not average.

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    For folic acid b-vitamins, take the Folate form to skip the liver processing and potential long-term damage.

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    Zinc, d3, as well as a diet with enough saturated fat and cholesterol. Be careful with zinc though, once your levels are sufficient you don't want to take more, over abundance of zinc is also not good.

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    My natural supplement(48 yo and no problem): Regular exercise including weight training.
    And the occasional watching of:


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    If you insist on taking a pre game boost, check out GAT fornatab or A1 sports perform. Those are designed to give you a boost when you plan on getting some.
    If you are looking for a daily use boosting product, look into testagen, testerol, ape, and beta test.

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