How to stay high energy?

How to stay high energy?

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    How to stay high energy?

    • exercising
    • enough sleep
    • sugar (has its drawbacks)
    • coffee, black tea, green tea (have their drawbacks)
    • healthy diet

    Beyond the above, what works for you?

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    Cold showers, deep breathing.


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    Increase insulin sensitivity.
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    Have something to live for.
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    My energy is usually highest when I get enough sleep and only drink once a week or less. My energy is usually great since I've been vegan. People don't like to hear it, but it's true. I walk everywhere, even in the rain and wind, I constantly hike and my walking borders on running if I have somewhere to get.

    You need sleep, exercise, and veganism. I worked with a guy for a while who told me point blank he had been vegan for five years, not because he cared that much about animals and the environment that much (but now he does, it always comes if you stick with it for a while, when you eliminate the animal products you have these "aha" moments without even's deep) but yeah that he had originally gone vegan because he knew this lady that was 50 or 60 that had tremendous energy for a woman her age, and he asked why and she unabashedly said, "I'm vegan."

    I sometimes want to believe if I didn't drink at all my energy would always be high, but that's patently false. If I get too "energetic" I actually get really stressy and my mind just goes and goes like a machine, and I sleep poorly, and that's been something I've struggled with since high school. In fact, I've noticed sometimes just by having half a bottle of wine or something that I "reset" and am able to shift out of high-stress obsessive mode and sleep better.

    I usually feel terrible if I drink excessively or if I spend all day online too often. Being engaged with technology all day long for more than one day once and a while is the most miserable feeling I can think of, TV or computer. We aren't meant to spend more than a few hours a day sitting. If that. When I see that kids of middle or high school age can be online up to 12 hours a day, I honestly want to kill their parents.

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    Keeping the mind stimulated.
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    Always have a real goal that you are working towards - it helps tremendously! Also if you practice mind over matter you'll have an easier time getting going. When I really don't want to do something I can literally turn a switch in my brain and then I'm fine. Strange but it works for me!
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    2 days of continuous isolation from life&the world every 10th day.

    When I get it THAT regularly I can be high-energy 18/24 hours per day. The 7-16, 5/7 days is killing my energy levels at times.
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    Observe sleep and nutrition and you will not have any problems.

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