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This is a discussion on Scoliosis within the Health and Fitness forums, part of the Topics of Interest category; I have an Ex who have scoliosiss , i try to help her the much i can but she don't ...

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    I have an Ex who have scoliosiss , i try to help her the much i can but she don't too painful , there is operation and reeducation was the most effective thing i think , at japan.
    She don't want. She was beautiful , i never see that an problem or a negativ way.
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    Quote Originally Posted by MeltedSorbet View Post
    Thanks for sharing your experience. What do you mean by 'triggers'?
    Oh, just like standing up or sitting down too long, or lifting too heavy of objects.

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    Usually an atlas misalignment is involved see Also try Inclined Bed Therapy
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    I had extremely minor scoliosis, I made it a complete non-issue via heavy lifting. I am pretty sure building up the muscles in the core and back will help slow it down or stop it. My mom has moderate scoliosis and she's notice a difference since she started doing some back and core exercises. It won't make it better but it might keep it from getting worse as quickly.
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    Quote Originally Posted by MeltedSorbet View Post
    This thread's about Scoliosis and the treatments that are available, as well as research.

    A lot of scoliosis isn't even treated so I'm especially interested in how people treat themselves or help supplement any medical treatment.

    So anyway--just a thread about scoliosis if anyone wants to talk about their experiences, what's helped them, what they didn't know and how it's harmed them etc.

    French guy discover 17 MAY 2019 a new system was pretty effectivez for heal the scoliosis.
    Even if some people try censored me about feminism like say superman , I'm not in your way but that don't mean i'm not gonna help you.

    And the only way to make peace and show your ideology was better than an other is to show compassion , there is no clue and dignity in war. And like say Sakazuki In One piece , a Life without Dignity was a fools life.


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    I had scoliosis, some time traveler(lol) told me to put my hand to my forehead and straighten my back. Did it so many times, that now every time I put my hand to my forehead (to show thinking ), my back automatically straightens. It was painful at first, but like exercise got better

    you must do it manually, or people assume your spirit has been broken, people you don’t even know make a history of you based on just your back being bent forward rather than straight
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